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17 years after the tragedy, promise remains to be fulfilled – Jornal TRUE

21:10 hours on Sunday, the game of Benfica to be broadcast on television and the people gathered at home from the rain and wind that made ugly that night. Despite the bad weather, no one expected the news that would mark a community, a country. A bridge had fallen. Hintze Ribeiro, who linked Entre-os-Rios, in Penafiel, to Castelo de Paiva. And it dragged to the mortal waters of the river Douro 59 people, of whom 53 returned in a bus, of a trip to the almond trees in flower, in Foz Côa. It was 17 years ago.

The tragedy shocked the Portuguese and forced the Government, then presided over by António Guterres to set camp, on the left bank of the Douro revolt. Only Jorge Coelho, then Minister of Social Equipment, was released from performing at Castelo de Paiva, after he resigned. It was one of the moments of atoning guilt. The other was when the rulers promised worlds and funds to a county previously abandoned by the public authorities. They swore that everything was going to be done to alleviate the pain of a community that lost parents, siblings, grandparents, uncles and friends.

In fact, many works were carried out in Castelo de Paiva "From a package of 100 million euros for the municipalities of Castelo de Paiva, Cinfães, Penafiel were invested around 90 million euros over these 17 years" says Paulo Teixeira, the mayor who, in 2001, became one of the most well-known faces in the country.

However, the work was done that could bring the citizens of the decision-making centers closer together, making the municipality economically competitive and allowing safer travel to its citizens: IC 35 The 14-kilometer road to connect Penafiel to one of the two bridges built after the tragedy was secured by Guterres, approved by the Assembly of the Republic and promised by all governments. Its urgent construction was also required in multiple draft resolutions subscribed by all parties sitting in Parliament, but never passed the project and public tender phase, always suspended when a new executive came to power.

" 17 years after it's been announced it's sad that it's happening. Are we going to have to see more people die in EN 106 so that we can move forward with this work? "asks Paulo Teixeira. The former mayor of Castelo de Paiva argues that "the non-construction of the IC 35 is the responsibility of the parties that have governed us since 2000" and does not believe that in its generation it is possible to execute a promise always postponed. Gonçalo Rocha, Teixeira's successor at the head of the destiny of the people of Pau, is another who claims that "the guilt must be attributed to those who have made decisions over the years, postponing a fundamental work for the county" . But, contrary to its predecessor, it believes in "the will of the current Government and in the commitment of the Minister of Planning and Infrastructures, Pedro Marques" . "Castelo de Paiva has found in this Government a serious ally and interested in the development of the municipality and the example of this collaboration is reflected in the future construction of the missing section of the Variant to EN 222" emphasizes the socialist. ] In Penafiel, optimism is much less. "The City Council has difficulties in believing in the good intentions of this Government. If I were really interested in resolving this situation, I would have continued the procedures of the tender launched by the previous Government for the construction of the first haul of the IC35, between Penafiel and Rans, and which could now be concluded "criticizes Antonino de Sousa , leader of a PSD / CDS coalition. "This situation causes great constraints on the safety of motorists and users of EN 106 and the economy of the south of the county" adds.

Already for the socialist autarch of Cinfães, Armando Mourisco it is unmistakable the delay [a ausência do IC 35] that has provoked in the development of a territory that presents the most fragile indicators of development of the Country ". And stresses "the disorders caused in the mobility, both internal and external trade, associated with the numerous accidents and victims that have long justified the completion of the work" . , v, n, t, s) {if (f.fbq) return; n = f.fbq = function () {n.callMethod?
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