Portland protest groups attack America with tear gas, rubber bullets

It claimed the strategy is illegal and said the presence of agents in Portland violates “a fundamental tenet of American democracy” because agents are essentially performing local police duties that are reserved for state and local officials.

The lawsuit was filed in US district court in Washington, DC after the mayor of Portland and leaders of five other major US cities appealed to Congress to make it illegal for the US government to deploy agents in cities that Do not want them.

“This administration should never have widespread use of federal force in cities over local government objections,” letters sent to US House and Senate leaders to mayors of Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Kansas City, Albuquerque, New Mexico and Washington stated in. .

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and City Commissioner Joe Ann Harder on Monday asked Wolf for a meeting to discuss the ceasefire and their desire to remove additional federal agents stationed in Portland.

But US Attorney Oregon Billy J. Williams insisted on Monday that agents for US Customs and Border Protection, US Marshals Service and Federal Protective Service would remain in Portland as demonstrator Mark O. Hatfield will continue to attack the Federal Courthouse.

Protests continued in Portsland for two months following the death of George Floyd, the black man killed on May 25, after which he was stabbed to the neck by a white Minneapolis police officer for about eight minutes.

In Portland, demonstrations have increasingly targeted federal court and targeted people, tearing down barricades, setting fire to alleyways and fireworks to protect the building almost every night, Molotov cocktails and bricks, rocks and bottles agents inside .

“There is no solution to tell federal officials that attacks on federal property and personnel are continuing,” Williams said. “We are not leaving the building unsafe to destroy people with the intention of doing so.”

Demonstrators refilled the streets early Tuesday, gathering for the 60th night in the city block where the courthouse is located. He was met by federal agents with tear gas, pepper shells and stun grenades to protect the building.

Hours after the smoke erupted in Portland, Attorney General William Barr appeared in Congress on Tuesday and defended an aggressive federal law enforcement response to the civil unrest that “violent rioters and anarchists legitimized at the hands of Minneapolis after George Floyd’s death” The protests have been hijacked. ” police.

Barr, in a much-awaited election year, told members of the House Judicial Committee that violence in Portland and other cities had been disconnected from Floyd’s killing, which he called a “horrific” incident that sparked a necessary national reimbursement on relations between Blacks Was inspired. Community and law enforcement.

During the Barland Portland protests, those associated with George Floyd’s death or any legitimate call for reform, said “these scenes of destruction are also superficial attempts by rioters in awe.”

Agency spokesperson Drew Wade said the US Marshals Service had defrauded about 100 people who could be sent to hotspots, either to reinforce forces or to relieve officers who have been working for weeks.

Chief Deputy Director of the Federal Security Service, Chris Kline, said an incident commander in Portland and teams from the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice discuss what level of force is needed each night.

Cline declined to discuss the current number of officers or more.

Kline said Portland police should handle the task of removing protesters from federal authorities to the courthouse area.

“If the Portland Police Bureau were able to do what they usually do, they would be able to take it out for this mess and we would leave our officers inside the building and not show up.”

Portland police have also been engulfed in flames for using tear gas to disperse protesters before federal agents began defending the courthouse. A federal court order has recently barred him from using tear gas until the police declared a riot – which he has done on several occasions.

The mayor, the mayor, is deeply unpopular with some Portland residents, who he sees as his failure to rein in the local police.

Portland’s city council is set to vote Wednesday on whether to send voters a ballot in November that would create a review board for the police bureau that is independent of elected officials and city departments. The police union opposed the idea and called the move illegal.

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