Porsche starts working on flying drones

Although it is not clear if Porsche is ready to confirm the details, he is clearly open to the idea. The company's sales manager, Detlev von Platen, said it took "at least half an hour" to drive from the Porsche plant in Zuffenhausen to the Stuttgart airport, but only "three and a half minutes" with a plane.

May It seems strange for Porsche not only to venture into flying vehicles, but also into hands-free vehicles . Is not that anathema to the enthusiasts accustomed to taking the wheel? However, you are likely to feel pressure to do something in the space of pbadenger drones. His rival Daimler supports the Volocopter drone, while Volvo's father, Geely, recently bought Terrafugia. Even the owner of Porsche Volkswagen has dipped his feet in the waters: his wing Italdesign teamed up with Airbus in the concept of flying car Pop.Up. If Porsche does not explore pbadenger drones, there is a chance that it will be lost as the world of transport moves away from human-piloted cars and into autonomous vehicles of all kinds.

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