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Porsche gave us a manual GT3 because they wanted a reduction of that 911 R in resale cash, Duh

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Surprise, surprise: Porsche really wants to take money from manual 911 fans after all. We finally got a 911 GT3 manual because Porsche saw 911 Rs with leverage change for sale at insane prices, reports Road & Track . Fans demanded when Porsche was not supplying, and Porsche did not like being left out of that crazed cash-a-palooza.

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The 911 R was a version ultra-limited execution of a 911 GT3 RS without the striking body and more importantly, with a change of lever. It was such a big demand that Porsche fans – many of whom felt handicapped when there was no 911 Generation 911 manual – broke the 911R by well above its list price of $ 185,000.

Porsche took note of this, and finally pulled out "the la, we're not listening to these manual fanatics because the dual-clutch transmissions are the future" fingers out of their ears, and came out with the non-limited one-a GT3 package Touring with that coveted lever change.

Porsche's head on the development of the 911 August Achleitner told Road & Track :

We did not expect this, let me say, crazy reaction to the prices of used cars . Because some people only make money with the car. We do not like that.

If [the GT3 Touring Package] helps keep prices a little lower for the average customer of our cars, it's better. Of course, there are some specific customers who are a bit disappointed, but it's okay, we can live with this.

This new GT3 Touring package certainly upset some 911 R owners who no longer felt they had an exclusive as a car, save some additional light and visual adjustments that set it apart.

But the lawsuit was there, and Porsche preferred to keep that profit than letting a rich jamoke do it on resale. Achleitner said fans with whom he spoke at big events like Rennsport Reunion longed for a simpler 911, and those conversations eventually led to the new 911 Carrera T and the 911 GT3 Touring Package.

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As for Porsche, they really did all the "mad 911 R resale price" for themselves . They did not listen to their customers who wanted a GT3 manual transmission (and still will not hear them on the GT3 RS). They did not even listen to themselves, as they had a manual GT3 test car that they enjoyed a lot when they were developing the 991 GT3. Then, when Porsche finally gave people what they wanted, a high performance 911 with a stick, no duh was sold at list price.

Without sympathy here. None at all. Just take your stack of 911 ultra-fast cash and you stay in that bed of money you've made, Porsche.

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