Porsche 911 GT3 RS receives Menthi racing upgrades

For many, the Manthi Racing brand will not give voice to all that familiarity. The company’s ambiguity may not come as a surprise, as it has largely let its on-track results speak. So is its latest variation on the GT3 RS so spectacular?

It would be impossible to start without mentioning the brand’s record-setting GT2 RS, as the upgraded GT3 RS has very similar modifications. Like that turbocharged monster, the car receives a comprehensive upgrade to the aero department with a new front splitter, rear diffuser, rear wing, reinforced deck-lid, and a flap on the front fascia. While the standard car already has an aggressive aero kit, Menthe has taken it to another level.

For the uninitiated, the company was founded in 1996 by Olaf Manthey. While its main focus is on developing Porsche racing cars, the organization maintains a similar ethos to the German automaker’s street-legal vehicles. On the track, they seem to possess the Rosetta stone of Green Hale, with six wins in 24 hours of Hellburgering. Thanks to those wins, the company is the most successful Porsche racing team worldwide.

While the aerodynamics department received major upgrades from the standard, the suspension setup on the MR GT3 RS is up its sleeve. The car also bears the same adjustable coilover suspension seen in the team’s Porsche GT3 R racecourse. While adjustable suspension is nothing new, racing-specification dampers mean Mentha can apply his knowledge from the track.

While some modifications to the car are sound complex, others are very simple. For example, the brakes are fitted with new braided brake lines and MR spec pads. New magnesium wheels are also available with optional carbon fiber aero discs for the rear set.

To offer some perspective, the previous GT2 RS was modified by the company, which was around seven seconds faster than the standard car around the Nurburgering Nordshlife. Porsche factory driver Kevin Estre has been seen riding a taxi to fans around the Green Heel in the GT3 RS MR, but an official lap has not been scheduled.

Since the company’s office and testing center reside next to the Nurburgring Nordshlife, we would love to see them try out for the new car time.