Popular trading platforms TD Ameritrade, Robinhood, and others faced shares of Tesla and Apple shares early Monday.

Users of several popular trading platforms complained of down systems, lethargy and inability to trade on Monday, with two of the most prominent stocks trading on a split-adjusted basis for the first time. TD Ameritrade told Marketwatch that Marketwatch reported that the issue has since been resolved but noted that customers “experienced high levels of slowness on the TD Ameritred web platform and TD Ameritrade mobile app.” ” She said the company is “working with affected customers to resolve any concerns.” A Robinhood spokesman said that “some customers were experiencing problems with the status update of the delayed status,” but said the issue was fixed and “Robinhood is on.” “We apologize for the inconvenience,” a Robinhood spokesman said. Neither forum commented on the cause of lethargy or delay. Joe Salusi, partner, co-head of equity trading at Themis Trading, told Marketwatch that he is seeing a wave of shares changing into Tesla TSLA,
+ 9.02%
And Apple shared AAPL,
+ 4.48%
And wonder if it can cause some problems with various online trading systems. “It’s a very big part of the volume. You can’t even blink an eyelid and they’re passing.” a A twitter message PJ Matlock, CEO of Atlas Trading in New Jersey, said Vanguard, Charles Schwab,
And Robinhood faced issues on Monday. He suggested that a widespread problem was in playing on the street. Problems come in the form of Apple Inc. AAPL,
+ 4.48%
A 4-for-stock stock and Tesla Inc. has completed TSLA,
+ 9.02%
Has also divided its stock into 5-for-1. The Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA was undergoing several other changes,
Inclusion of Amgen AMGN,
Salesforce.com CRM,
And Honeywell International Honey,
Calls to other trading platforms were not immediately returned. Saluzzi said the problems were re-applied to retail platforms, as he had not seen any problems with professional trading systems. From the possibility that it was linked to changes with Dow and Tesla and Apple, the business proponent said: “Nothing is a coincidence.”


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