Pope on Christmas Mass: Jesus comes as a child to make us children of God

Millions of people from around the world join with Pope Francis for the Christmas “Mass in the Night”, celebrated on Thursday at St. Peters Basilica.

By staff writer of Vatican News

With Italy under a new lockdown for the holidays, Pope Francis celebrated the Christmas Mass “during the night” at the nearby St. Basilica on Thursday evening. Millions of people were able to follow the ceremony through radio, television and various means of social communication.

In his home, Pope Francis said, “The birth of Jesus is the ‘newness’ that enables us to be reborn every year, and to find him, he, needs strength to face every trial.”

Jesus is born “for us”

The birth of Jesus, the Pope said, is for Us; And he mentioned how often the “word” for “holy night” appears. “

“Yet what do these words – ‘for us’ – really mean?” He asked. “He means that the Son of God, who is holy by nature, has come to make us, God’s children, holy by grace.” It is a “magnificent gift”, he said, a gift that is “pure grace”, which is not dependent on anything we can do, but only on God’s love for us.

Christmas Mass during the Night – St. Peter’s Basilica

A son is given “for us”

The gift of God to us on Christmas is not merely an object or object. Instead, Pope Francis said, God gave his only son, “all his joy.”

And yet, the Pope continued, “our own loyalty to God, and our injustice to our many brothers and sisters” may make us wonder if God was right in giving us this gift of his son. In fact, nothing we can do can make us worthy of this gift.

Rather, it is only out of God’s “unfailing love” for us, his “unchanging love that changes us” that motivates us to give God his Son.

A love that reaches our poverty

It is because of God’s infinite love for us that Jesus was born not in a palace, but in a stable life. Jesus said, “Every child in the world comes into the world, weak and weak, so that we can learn to accept our weaknesses with tender love … God likes to work through our poverty,” the Pope said.

This is a sign, he continued, “to guide us through life.” In Bethlehem, “God lives in a manger, as if to remind us, to live, we need him, as we eat bread. We must be filled with his free, unfailing, solid love.”

Pope Francis asserted that “the rich in everything, the poor, the rich in love, teaches us that true nurture comes from loving God ourselves and loving others in return.”

Teach us to love

God came to Christmas as a weak and vulnerable child to teach us to love, the Pope said. “God came among us amidst poverty and need, to tell us that in serving the poor, we will show our love for them.”

Pope Francis concluded his home with the prayer of a newborn savior: “Jesus, you are children who make me a child. You love me the way I do not imagine myself to be. To hug you, baby boy, I embrace my life once more. Welcoming you, the bread of life, I also wish to give my life. You, my savior, teach me to serve. You who do not leave me alone, help me to comfort my brothers and sisters, because from this night forward, all are my sisters. “


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