Pope on Audience: God is near us in sorrow when we pray

Pope Francis, in his quotes to the General Audience on Wednesday, referred to the prayer laid out in the Book of Psalms as witness to prayers, saying that the door of God’s heart is always open in our moments of sorrow.

By Devin Watkins

Pope Francis continued his catechesis cycle in the Weekly General Audiences, focusing on the Book of Prayer, the Book of Psalms.

He called the Old Testament book “the gymnasium and house of countless men and women of prayer”.

How to pray

As part of the books of wisdom, the hymns communicate to the believer to “know how to pray”.

The Pope said, “In the hymn we find all human emotions: the joys, sorrows, doubts, hopes, bitterness that color our lives.”

He said that God inspired the language of prayer in books, so that those who read them would learn how to praise, thank and follow them.

“In short, the psalm is the word of God that we humans use to speak with him.”

Pope said that the prayers in the hymn originate from living thoughts, not abstract thoughts. With all our problems and uncertainties, “praying for them is enough for us to be what we are”.

Question of trouble

Pope Francis went on to find out how the psalmist dealt with the issue of grief, saying that it was considered a part of life and thus it turned into a question.

“Till when?” He said, this question is unanswered.

“Every torment calls for salvation, every tear calls for solace, every wound awaits healing, every abuses are the absence of a sentence.”

The Psalm, the Pope said, reminds us that life is not saved until the suffering is cured.

The person who prays added, they know that they are “precious in the sight of God, and so it makes sense to cry.”

Prayer: Cry of God

The hymns show us that God’s cry in prayer is “the path to salvation and the beginning.”

Pope Francis said that prayer “helps pain in a relationship: a cry that waits for the listening ear to stop.”

“All human pain is sacred to God,” he said. “We are not strangers, or numbers before God. We are known face and heart, one by one.”

God’s door is always open

So, Pope Francis said, the believer finds an answer to the suffering in the hymn.

“He knows that even though all human doors were forbidden, God’s door is open. Even if the whole world has issued a judgment of condemnation, there is salvation in God.”

The Pope said that the person praying knows that the problems are not always solved, but “if we listen, everything becomes the same.”

God cries with us

Finally, Pope Francis said that prayer saves us from suffering in abandonment, because our prayers extend to God who “cries for every son and daughter who suffers and dies.”

“If we maintain our relationship with him,” he said, “Life does not hurt us, but we open up to a great horizon of goodness and move towards its perfection.”

Pope Francis: God is close to us when we pray


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