Pope Francis urges adoption of ‘somber’ lifestyle to beat climate change

Rome – Pope Francis on Friday laid down measures to counter the “environmental crisis”, urging Christians to adopt a sober, humble lifestyle.

“An integral ecology is needed to achieve a profound ecological transformation at both the individual and communal levels,” states a message by the Vatican at an international meeting of members of the Fokkerri movement on co-environmental awareness.

“As you examine the great challenges facing us at the moment, including climate change, the need for sustainable development and contributing religion can create an environmental crisis, to break the logic of exploitation and selfishness and to promote practice A calm, simple and modest lifestyle is essential, ”said Pope.

“It is my hope that your work will serve in the hearts of our brothers and sisters to bear a shared responsibility as children of God to each other and a commitment to be good stewards of your gift of renewed creation,” Francis told the participants the conference.

As he has done on other occasions, the pope linked environmental responsibility with the transformation of the economy.

“Amid such problems there is an urgent need for a new and more inclusive socio-economic paradigm, which reflects the truth that we are a single human family, fellow travelers sharing the same flesh, children of the same earth as our commoners. Home, “said.

“This solidarity with each other and with the world around us calls for developing and implementing practical measures that promote the dignity of all individuals in their human, family and work relationships, while poverty and structural Countering the reasons, he said that they are working to protect the natural environment.

Pope Francis has made opposition to environmental change and climate change a hallmark of his Pont certificate. In 2015, he became the first pope in history to dedicate an entire encyclopedic paper to ecological issues.

In it he raided against climate change, calling it a “global problem with serious effects” and warned that it could bring “unprecedented destruction of ecosystems, with dire consequences for all of us”.

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