Pope Francis Says Sex and Eating are the Pleasures of ‘Divine’

Hell yes, father.
Photo: Monadori Portfolio / Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Imori

The Pope clearly hates the “verbal violence” of the Internet, and has little patience for rumors and “filaments”, but you know what he could potentially be left behind? Eating and having sex. Okay, Pope, and says.

According to New york post, Pope Francis shared his thoughts on these two topics in a series of interviews with Petrin’s book with Italian author Carlo Petrini, Terrafutura: Conversation with Pope Francis on Integral Ecology.

“Ananda comes directly from God. It is neither Catholic nor Christian nor anything else; It is only divine, ”Francis reportedly explained. “The pleasure of eating and sexual pleasure comes from God.” Therefore, the Pope sarcastically concluded, it is perfectly okay to enjoy sex and food; In fact, the church’s past agenda on this score pushed an “excessive morality”, which “caused great harm, which can still be felt strongly today,” he said, per Post.

“The pleasure of eating is to keep you healthy,” Pope said, “as if sexual pleasure is to make love more beautiful and to guarantee the stabilization of the species.”

In the grand plan of the Pops, Pope Francis is comparatively liberal, but Post Note that his view as a concept is not completely out of line with previous papal positions on happiness. This is not like the time when he allegedly went rogue and declared that hell does not exist. Perhaps this is how Pope himself describes his enduring love of pizza, even pizza parties. Or perhaps he would prefer to channel his energies towards defeating his two biggest enemies: climate change and gossip.

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