Pontiac Silverdome still standing after a failed implosion


Despite the best efforts of the officials in Detroit, the Silverdome refused to die. On Sunday morning, a programmed implosion of the Pontiac Silverdome failed when a series of controlled explosions failed to break a series of support beams that would have caused the collapse of the upper platform.

There is contradictory information about exactly what happened during the implosion plan. Initial reports indicated that the charges soared as planned, which would require extensive evaluation and reprogramming of the demolition at a later date, but a city official told Fox 2 in Detroit that the failure was the result of some connections to the explosions. This would potentially mean that those connections could be remade, and the implosion could happen later on Sunday.

Crowds of spectators waiting to see the final breath of a Detroit icon only saw some puffs of dust ejected on the horizon when the charges failed. If the demolition is delayed further, officials should wait until next week, baduming the climatic conditions continue to be favorable.

The complete demolition of the Silverdome is expected to take a year, with the mechanical excavation taking over after the controlled explosions.

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