Pompeo says Trump administration trusts Britain to ‘get right’ on Brexit despite Pelosi’s warning

On Wednesday, Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo said Brexit is confident of “getting the UK right” even as a new controversy triggers a year-long process – and as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi warns that it could replace torpedoes as US-. UK Trade Deals.

“Look, yes, we trust the United Kingdom,” Pompeo said, with Dominic Rab, the UK foreign minister. “I believe they will get it right.”

Brexit drama in UK as Boris Johnson bills to deal outside EU

The UK has formally left the European Union in January, establishing a transition period while the UK and the EU attempt to thwart a trade deal. But those negotiations have been halted and Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government introduced the Internal Markets Bill last week – which would allow ministers to rewrite parts of the withdrawal agreement that would apply to Northern Ireland.

The agreement included a Northern Ireland protocol seeking to circumvent a rigid land border between Northern Ireland (part of the UK) and Ireland (a member of the European Union). The agreement meant that there would be some EU rules and checks to go to and from goods. Rest of UK from Northern Ireland. The new Internal Markets Bill would allow the UK government to overwrite those rules if there was no free trade deal.

But it has raised fears in London, Brussels and even Washington that it could jeopardize the 1998 Good Friday Agreement. That agreement established peace in Northern Ireland with a delicate balance that could be put at risk if a rigid land border were to be created between the two.

Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson goes to his office in Downing Street on Tuesday, September 15, 2020, after a cabinet meeting in London. (AP Photo / Frank Augustine)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi warned last week that there would be “no chance” of a significant US-UK trade deal to undermine the UK agreement.

“Whatever form it takes, Brexit cannot be allowed to enforce the Good Friday Agreement, which also includes an invisible and frictionless border between the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland,” Pelosi said in a statement. “Britain should respect the Northern Ireland Protocol as it is signed with the European Union to ensure the free flow of goods across the border.”

PELOSI Wars has no chance of US-UK trade if the deal is rescinded well

On Tuesday, a group of House MPs from the House Foreign Affairs Committee wrote to Johnson, “urging them to withdraw the Northern Ireland Protocol of abandoning any and all legally questionable and unreasonable attempts and try to ensure Brexit negotiations” to do”. Weaken decades of progress to bring peace to Northern Ireland and future options for bilateral relations between our two countries. ”

But Pompeo appeared to address those concerns on Wednesday, though he said “we have made clear our view of the importance of the Good Friday Agreement.”

“We know the complexity of the situation. We have done that where we can provide help, we can. “In the end, it will be a set of decisions in this regard that the United Kingdom makes, and there is great confidence that they will get this right in a way that treats everyone fairly and results in a good outcome for the people. United The Kingdom voted several years ago. ”

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Meanwhile, Rabab said he had “very positive discussions” with the administration and members of Congress – and would meet with Pelli later. He said the threat to the Good Friday Agreement “resulted from the politicization of the EU issue.”

“Our commitment to the Good Friday Agreement and to avoid any additional infrastructure on the border between North and South is absolutism,” he said, before calling Britain’s action “what the EU is doing” Defensive in relation to Hai. “