Polls show Warnock in Georgia’s special Senate election

Democratic candidate Rafael Warnock leads the field for Georgia’s special Senate election in a Quinnipiac poll released on Tuesday.

Poole leads Warnock ahead of Sen with 31 percent. Kelly LoefflerKelly Loefflerdemkratus pressured Lieberman to drop out of the Georgia Senate race. Hill’s campaign report: Biden on Trump: ‘He will quit’ Trump’s election remarks brush off GOP levels Obama’s endorsement LOP GOP, Democrats look to inspire women with SCOTUS fight. more (R) with 23 percent, rep. Doug CollinsDouglas (Doug) Ellen CollinsDemocratus pressures Lieberman to pull out of Georgia Senate race, Hill’s campaign report: Biden on Trump: will drop ‘GOP’ for Trump’s election comments, GOP accusations on Obama’s electoral comments Was rejected. Women fight more with Scott (R) with 22 percent and Democratic candidate Matt Lieberman with 9 percent. This is the first major survey to show Warnock leading, as have been ahead of Collins or Loeffler in other surveys.

The election comes as Liberman faces increased pressure to separate from the Democrats.

Both former gubernatorial candidates Stacy Abrams and former President Obama have endorsed Warnock, senior pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta. While Obama has not called for Lieberman to be out of the race, Abrams specifically called him out last week.

“I think Matt could be a good person, but he is not the right candidate. I think the best outcome for all is to step back to Matt and realize that Rev. Warnock is the right candidate for the state of Georgia, ”Abrams told reporters. “We need Matt Lieberman to understand that he has not been called for the moment.”

While Lieberman said he would not respond to the pressure, Hill said last week that “citizens of Georgia are able to decide who their next senator will be. They don’t need a handful of people in Washington or Atlanta who would Are liking for. ”

If no candidate wins a simple majority in the race in November, the top two finishers are set to advance to a January runoff. Separately, fighter David Perdue (R) is in a close re-election race with Democrat John Osoff. Tuesday’s turnout shows the two statistically tied, with Ossoff supporting 49 percent and Perdue 48 percent.

Polsters surveyed 1,125 potential voters from Georgia on September 23–27. It has a 2.9-point margin of error.


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