Polls show Biden with advantage in four battlegrounds

The Times / Sienna poll is consistent with the average of recent election results in Minnesota and Wisconsin, but they reflect tight races in Nevada and New Hampshire, where there has been low turnout this summer – especially in Nevada.

Minnesota and Wisconsin, voters in two states that have been reeling from the summer incidents of police vandalism and protests, said they portrayed Biden despite Trump’s recent efforts to tackle a better job than race relations , Relied on protest and violent crime. As an ally of anarchy and violence.

But surveys have also shown that crime is higher on the minds of many voters, even compared to the coronovirus epidemic, as Trump focuses on “law and order” as his campaign subject.

In Minnesota, Wisconsin and New Hampshire, voters were divided over whether addressing the coronovirus epidemic or law and order was more important in the 2020 election. The majority – 52 percent – of voters in Nevada, which saw its biggest drop in coronavirus cases since June this week, said law and order took precedent action over the epidemic.

The turnout was polled 8–11 in four states, 814 potential voters in Minnesota, 760 potential voters in Wisconsin, 462 potential voters in Nevada, and 445 potential voters in New Hampshire. The margin of error ranged from 3.9 percentage points in Minnesota to 5.5 percentage points in New Hampshire.

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