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ORCHARD PARK – A friend of mine, who only has a casual interest in professional soccer – he's actually a Green Bay fan – listened with interest to Sean McDermott's press conference on Monday, specifically on the badessment of whether to start Tyrod Taylor or Nathan Peterman at quarterback on Sunday in Kansas City.

"You know," she said later, "I think she's beside herself."

It's a difficult conclusion to ignore, right after the half of the first season of the new coach of the Bills.

Three games after the unexpectedly encouraging 5-2 start of Buffalo, this franchise is in disarray, especially McDermott due to mixed messages and an inexplicable change of quarterback.

Fortunately, he announced in the Wednesday session with the media that Taylor would do it. Start against the Chiefs.

The decision seemed obvious, except that McDermott had strongly suggested that Peterman could receive the call for a second straight game away after throwing five interceptions on the field. the first half of a 54-24 loss to the Chargers in Alabama and was withdrawn in the middle.

In announcing the start of Taylor, he said: "Like any position, we evaluate every week." The right thing for this team is to start Tyrod.

"You trust your instinct … you get the feeling, the pulse and you understand where are you as a team and where are you trying to reach, now and in the future, how are you trying to establish a standard, what is expected, everything that goes into the decisions we make? "

But McDermott's election does not It was as difficult as it sounded.

Peterman is a talented, mentally tough but after being retired at halftime from the worst performance of his football career, being ejected against a division leader in a road environment Particularly difficult would be far beyond the "calculated risk" that McDermott called initiating it in Los Angeles 19659002] Another poor performance could have destroyed him emotionally in the immediate future.

But McDermott po He would have had a more immediate influence on his decision.

If he had started Peterman against the Chiefs, he probably lost the closet roo m … at least the veterans.

Eleven players on the Buffalo list have been in the NFL for at least eight seasons, closer to the end of their careers than in the beginning, and starting again as a rookie quarterback on the road with the Bills. Even in the postseason I would tell them that the team was totally committed to the future.

He would also tell fans that "the tank" is on, no matter how much he denied that the franchise played as well as possible. draft choice

And although he made the right call to reinstate Taylor (he should never have been banked at that point in the first place), McDermott is weak and indecisive … or over his head.

He admitted that part of his decision was based on Peterman's mental state.

"No. 1, it's important that mentally, you're in the right frame of mind," McDermott admitted. "What did he get out of the experience? There were some good plays there too … and some plays that did not go well for us." He also has to understand that it was not all.

But McDermott reiterated that he did not question Pitt's decision to start the fifth-round draft election.

"(It was) the same process. I'm going to make other decisions," he said. "It starts with doing the right thing for our soccer team, I'm more or less a process-oriented guy, anything that's not that would be irresponsible as a coach, I'm focused on one thing and that's the organization that is advancing."

(It is) everything is part of the process … at some point the novices have to play. This is how they get better, they play with young players, they develop; you're seeing that with a number of young players (in the NFL); They gain experience, they learn from things and they become better. This is how the future of the organization develops, this is how sustained success develops. "

But there has been little success since Buffalo has been eliminated in the last three weeks.

<img alt =" Summary College Basketball: Monday, November 20 [19659024] And McDermott offered contradictory messages about the Bills' bid for the postseason this year.

"A lot of this is looking at the big picture," he said in response to a question. "Looking around the league, there are many teams in the quest … we are in the search, Thanksgiving and near the end of November and we are in the search … there are many teams that would like to be in the hunt (actually only six). "

But in response to another query, he said," It's how we keep growing and developing … that's what we're looking for. We're not focused on the playoffs, we're focused on a broader vision of what what we're trying to achieve, when we get there, he'll know. "

But when asked about what was learned in the field marshal fiasco, he started only a week earlier, McDermott was sanctioned.

"You look too long in the rearview mirror in this league, you lose sight of what is in front of you," he said.

McDermott did recognize the defense, his specialized unit, which has delivered a worse score of the franchise of 135 points in the last three games: "We have a lot of work to do, we have spent a lot of time looking at that side of the ball the last week and that starts with me, we have to do some better things there. "

But it allowed the QB controversy: "I think of my older boys, my younger boys … because I do not believe in making irrational and abrupt decisions, if you make a decision, you accept it." I felt it was the right decision (begin with Peterman) and right now the best decision for us is to focus on the Kansas City Chiefs (and start with Taylor).

"There are a lot of coaches who sit in their hands and make comfortable decisions … that's not the why I'm here. I am here to win and keep the profit and to do that you must be willing to make (some) uncomfortable decisions. "

Even if they have a tragic failure and they revert in a week?

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