Police union chief says crime ‘is rampant’ in New York after video showing cop on key

“Crime is rampant” in New York City, Ed Mullins, president of the Benevolent Association of Sergeants of New York, told “America’s Newsroom” on Monday, adding that he blames state and local leaders.

Mullins reacted to a disturbing video showing a New York Police Department (NYPD) officer in a head key while trying to arrest him, while some people in the crowd laughed.

According to the New York Police Department, on July 1 officers detected a large group and a vehicle illegally parked in front of a fire hydrant in the Bronx. Police asked the driver, Franklin Adrian, 31, to pull the vehicle away from the hydrant multiple times, but he refused, police said, adding that officers issued a parking citation.

When police tried to arrest Adrian, he resisted, according to New York Police. As officers tried to arrest the man, Wisnel Manzueta, 29, approached officers, rejected numerous orders to stay away, and then hit one of the officers multiple times, causing cuts to the officer’s face and head, he said. police. The man identified by police as Manzueta appears to be seen in the video putting the officer in a chokehold.

The two suspects were arrested.

“It is disgusting,” Mullins said Monday in reaction to the incident. “The head key [ban] is the same law as [New York] City Council President Corey Johnson [and] Mayor [Bill] de Blasio is trying to implement it. ”

He noted that “if the police officer did that, he would be arrested.”

“You could see the danger of putting a uniformed police officer in a headlock like that,” Mullins continued.

“The public needs to think: if they will do that to a uniformed police officer who is on the street working with other police officers, what will they do to you?”

In a statement, a New York police spokesperson reacted to the strangling incident saying, “The New York police were disappointed that the person was not initially charged. The violence against the police officer speaks for itself. We are now in talks with the district attorney regarding the case. “

The incident comes amid growing calls to dismantle or dismantle police departments across the country, as well as a push to reform police tactics, following George Floyd’s May 25 death while in police custody in Minneapolis.

Floyd’s death has sparked national outrage, and some law enforcement agencies have banned the use of strangulation in an effort to limit the use of excessive force that could result in death.

Mullins said Monday that “crime is rampant” and mentioned the fact that a 1-year-old boy was shot dead and three other people were injured Sunday night at a family meal in a Brooklyn park, according to authorities. .

“We just lost a 1 year old … and this is a direct result of the policies implemented by Mayor de Blasio, Corey Johnson and the Governor [Andrew] Cuomo and it’s time for this city to hold those politicians accountable, ”Mullins said. “They are tying the hands of the policemen.”

He said that de Blasio, Johnson and Cuomo “don’t want us to be out there making these arrests, contrary to what they are saying to everyone, and the violence is skyrocketing like madness in a city that took us almost 30 years to return to safety. ”

He called it “totally wrong”.

“These people must be held accountable and nothing is being done,” Mullins continued. “They are selling the public nothing but lies.”


The press offices for Johnson, Cuomo and de Blasio did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

The New York Police Department (NYPD) has reported a staggering increase in shootings and violent crimes in recent weeks. On Saturday, the New York Post reported 15 shootings in 15 hours, just a week after the city saw a bloody July 4 weekend with 44 shootings and at least eight deaths.

“It is the New York police that have been saving lives like police officers across the country do,” Mullins said Monday. “We have reduced 2,000 homicides a year in this city over the past 20 years and nobody talks about it.”


According to New York Police statistics, New York City reported 28 incidents between Friday and Sunday. New York Police report a 600 percent year-over-year increase in shooting incidents and a 483 percent increase in shooting victims.

Reacting to the death of the 1-year-old boy over the weekend, De Blasio said Monday: “This is nothing we can allow in our city and it is heartbreaking.”

“It is heartbreaking for many reasons and it begins with the fact that there are many weapons and that it is a New York tragedy and a national tragedy,” he continued.

Courtney Crawford and Vandana Rambaran of Fox News contributed to this report.

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