Police soldiers, firefighters hang flags in 9/11 games, get suspended

In Ohio, two high school football players – one a policeman’s son and the other a firefighter’s son – hoisted the first flags on the field before their game, Septon 11, to honor fallen heroes killed in attacks 19 years ago. Suspended for some time.

As players took the field on a game advertised as “Patriot Knight”, they brought with them a “Thin Blue Line” and a “Thin Red Line” flag, which led to another teammate carrying an American flag .

According to the head of the Little Miami Local Schools Board of Education, his request for permission to carry the flag was denied by district officials.

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And until Monday he found himself suspended from the team, Cincinnati-based WKRC-TV reported.

Brady Williams, the son of a police officer who played a cornerback for Little Miami High School, told the outlet that he brought a flag to honor those killed in the Sept 11 attacks.

He and his partner, Jarad Bentley, called the move politically motivated. Bentley ran the “thin red line” flag.

The board of education and district administrators eventually agreed – overturning the athletic director’s suspension on Tuesday.

“The results suggest that there was no political motivation behind this display of support from first responders on 9/11,” Board of Education President Bobby Gris said in a statement. “But there were inner stances.”

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Gris said the boys are allowed to return to practice and any possible punishment for failing to follow instructions will come from their coaches and not from district administrators.

As reported by the WKRC, the decision was overturned by Athletics Director Gregory Power on Monday afternoon.

“We can’t have students who decide to do anything because they are told they are not doing it,” he said.

He said he was concerned that the flags were political in nature and could set a precedent, creating other flags that had the potential to spark many disputes.

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The district wanted to avoid further demonstrations after restoring the boys.

“As the season continues, the only two flags that come through the Little Miami Football Tunnel are the United States Flag and the Little Miami Spirit Flag,” Gris said.

But the players said that was worth the dust.

Bentley told WKRC, “My dad is a firefighter, and if it had been killed on 9/11, I wanted someone to do it for him.”

“I don’t care what my results are,” Williams said. “As long as my message is filled, I’ll be happy.”