Police search for a gunman after a gun is fired at a mall in Middletown, New York



An Orange County shopping center will reopen Monday when police search for the man who fired a gun on the ground, injuring a mother and her 12-year-old son. [19459002Thereportsofsparksprovokedtheevacuationoftheday-to-daybuyersatthedowntownmall

It was a terrifying scene when the police charged the Galleria in Crystal Run Mall after a shot was fired and the stores closed, even sending Santa home early.

It happened at 3 p. m. during the heyday of purchases after Thanksgiving. A shot was fired from inside the mall

"It seems that a man wearing a dark hoodie and gray pants unloaded a bullet from a gun on the second level floor of the mall opposite the American Eagle store", said Wallkill police chief Robert Herman.

Eyewitness News is informed that a 49-year-old mother and her 12-year-old son, both from Goshen, New York, were nearby and suffered minor abrasions, perhaps as the bullet bounced or perhaps as pieces of the floor flew. Both the mother and her son were treated and released.

Detectives believe that the armed man was in the mall with a woman pushing a stroller.

A jeweler says he stayed late for the police to check his surveillance video.

"They had to burn it from the DVR, they did not let us see what they saw," says jewelry owner Dilip Amarnani.

Authorities report that thousands of buyers were evacuated quickly and without incident. However, about six hours later, half a dozen people were still hiding in a store, they were allowed to return to their homes.

Wallkill police are not yet ready to call this an "accidental shoot-out," but they are giving a great sigh of relief that this did not turn into a mbad killing.

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