Police say man wearing Trump mask, Santa Claus hat and beard shot sister-in-law

Authorities said a man wearing a Santa Claus beard and hat and President Donald Trump mask shot his brother-in-law twice in California on Saturday.

A statement from Rohnart Park, Department of Public Safety, stated that the victim was hospitalized with serious but non-fatal injuries.

Gerald Jacinth, 75, of Las Vegas, was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder. Department officials said that as he stood across the street from his brother-in-law’s house, he disguised himself and asked him to hand over a package.

Rohnert officials said he parked his black Dodge car outside the victim’s house across the street, wearing a Donald Mask, white long curly beard and a Santa Mats-like head mask.

Police said the 77-year-old victim, whose name was not released by police, was found out of Jackson, but he could not identify her. The department said it would not take the package, in which the suspect said it was a “special delivery”, and that Jacinth picked up a duffle bag he was carrying and set it on fire, the department said.

It was unclear whether the victim, who was killed twice, was shot through the bag.

“However, the victim was suffering from two gunshot wounds,” police said, adding, “He was still taking a photo of Jathin going into his vehicle as he was running away.”

Public safety officials said the victim’s wife dialed 911, and officers were in the area within a minute. He said that while he was surrendering together with the authorities, Zakinath was driving nearby.

“While searching the vehicle, officers found a .380 handgun in a duffle bag,” the department said. Police said they were also masked.

A box in the victim’s path – it was unclear if it was the package – was believed to be suspicious, and a Sonoma County Ordnance Disposal Team responded and eventually determined a towel was inside.

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