Police investigation into conspiracy to attack Philly Voting Counting Center

A new report says an armed man was arrested Thursday night outside the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

WPVI reported that police were reprimanded after a strike by a group of Virginia people driving to a convention center with a possible plan to hammer.

At around 10:50 am, a man was taken into custody inside a Vietnamese restaurant across the center.

Police recovered a weapon and located a hammer. It is still unclear whether the person arrested outside the center is involved in the conspiracy for the alleged attack.

Election activists are actively tabling mail-in ballots inside the downtown convention center.

As of late Thursday night, President Trump tabulated 94 percent and led the state with a margin of 24,000 votes.

More mail-in ballots should also be counted in Pittsburgh’s Allegany County.

Trump’s campaign earlier Thursday unsuccessfully attempted to block Philadelphia’s votes by saying that his supporters were not being allowed to monitor the matching of mail-in ballots.

Suspicious in Philadelphia.
Suspicious in Philadelphia.Elizabeth Rosner


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