Police describe the chaotic arrest of ex-giant Chad Wheeler

Three police officers allegedly had to pile up former New York veterans to deal with Chad Wheeler and use a taser to detain him after he allegedly unconscious his girlfriend.

Several police reports obtained by TMZ Sports detail the clash between Kent Police and ex-NFL offensive lineman. On 22 January, there was an attack in his girlfriend’s apartment, which left the woman naked.

“When I grabbed Chad’s bed, I could tell that he was very solid and muscular, because it wasn’t easy to move,” one officer wrote, adding that the 6-year-old police report had 6 Feet 7 inches tall and 315 listed pounds.

Kent police report suspect of domestic assault – possessed by Wheeler Described as the result of the “frantic episode” – Was an NFL lineman, TMZ reported.

The three responding policemen had to climb over Wheeler to collectively subdue him, but still struggled to get him into custody, an officer recalled.

“The three of us (with a combined weight of about 700 pounds) were on top of Chad, I could feel him lifting his body like he was pushing to get away,” a police report read.

An officer wrote in a report that at one point, Wheeler used his “large size” as he momentarily lifted a distance of up to six inches with policemen in the bathroom.

According to the report, police eventually used a tusser on the uncooperative Wheeler, but the device had “no effect” on it.

“Chad was so strong that even with the combined weight of the three officers, he was able to move around and prevent us from putting arms behind our backs,” one officer wrote in a report.

TMZ reported that the three officers eventually took Wheeler into custody, but asked the prison van to take him to the police station because he feared that his large frame would not fit into a standard police cruiser.

Wheeler, who previously played for the New York Giants in 2017 and 2018, has pleaded not guilty to charges of first-degree domestic violence assault, domestic violence unlawful imprisonment and arrest in an alleged assault.

Wheeler was cut by the Seattle Seahawks on January 27 after his arrest, and returned to court on February 11. He was released from custody, but was ordered to stay out of the house and away from the victim.

After being waived by the Seahawks, Wheeler later Tweeted He was moving away from football, saying he needed help after a “frantic episode” that he claims was due to the alleged attack.

Wheeler tweeted on Wednesday, “I can’t express my grief or regret it so much.” “I’m really embarrassed.”

The Seahawks lineman was taking medication for bipolar disorder, but recently stopped taking it, a separate police report showed.


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