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Police captain of permission on "white male privilege"

A police captain in Indiana has paid administrative leave after telling a colleague that he benefited from the "white male privilege" during a transgender awareness session.

The future of Captain Carri Weber with the Plainfield Police Department will be determined during a commissioner meeting on Thursday, reports WRTV. The "extremely offensive" observation in question was made during a training seminar on November 1 with representatives of the US Department of Justice. UU And a US Attorney on how police officers can better interact with transgender people in their communities.

Aged 28 The department veteran questioned a statistic presented during the session that indicates that transgender people are 3.32 times more likely to suffer police violence compared to people who are not transgender. The statistics, according to the season, come from the 2012 data of the National Coalition of Programs against Violence.

"My wife has never been part of police violence," said an unidentified official in the courtroom, questioning the statistics, according to a video obtained by WISH. "Most of the people I know who have never been, accused the police of violence, so I guess I do not understand where that statistic comes from."

"Because of his privilege as a white man, then I would not know." A woman responds, identified in several local reports as Weber, outside the camera.

"I'm sorry?" Asks a man.

"Your privilege as a white man," repeats the woman.

"Wow, I'm done with this training," one man replies.

One of the instructors tried to reduce the tension in the room after the observation, but was not successful, reports WRTV.

"Boss, are you going to let him get away with it?" Said an officer. "Seriously? I'm asking a legitimate question and I get [unintelligible] white privilege? Really? I find that extremely offensive … I'll leave."

An unidentified officer later filed a complaint against Weber regarding the comment.

"Captain Carri Weber bit me racially and sexually while asking a question from the instructor in training," the officer wrote, according to WRTV. "I am now fully aware of the discriminatory belief that she has just verbally communicated … There is no place in the administration or supervision of the Plainfield Police for anyone who has and defends their discriminatory views."

Weber was administratively suspended on November 16, Informa WRTV. She was also suspended by the department in August for violating her drug and alcohol use policies after she admitted to driving her patrol car after eight hours of drinking and drinking alcohol in her vehicle issued by the department, according to the station.

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