Social Insurance Institute: Retirement in 2019. Percentage and increase quota LOCAL CHOICE Changes in squares? 19. 03. 2019 Have a look!

ZUS: PENSION 2019 One hundred and change of quota of pensions. To what extent will you regain your retirement

Pension Evaluation 2019 it was usually done in March. Increased pensions That was done percentage and sum for the minimum pensions. unfortunately percentage mark for value Pensions were ultimately lower than originally assumed. According to assumptions an increase in the percentage of retirement this appeared to be 103.26 per cent. position at the end of the year pensions are valued 102.86 per cent


Based on the pension registration, we can work out how many pensions there will be in 2019. What time do you take up post after construction, you can view the following images in the gallery> >>> Click on the picture in the gallery to see what pension will be paid in accordance with the ZUS – PERCENT Index

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If your role is as low and after an index of 102.86 per cent. less than 70 PLNs go out, its benefit goes up to least anyway. If you want a higher pension and if the registration rate is more beneficial to you – you are subject to the percentage change.


Details of the proposals accept that minimum benefits will be uprated by: t

  • up to PLN 1 100 too much (which is the lowest pension, the total pension benefit, the survivor's pension and the social pension). This means a net benefit from PLN 934.6.
  • up to PLN 825 in total (which is the minimum pension for unemployment to work level).

The Ministry of Enterprise and Technology require a 30 hour limit for PPK charges. At present, it operates on ZUS grants.

How does it currently pay ZUS (Social Security) grants?

  • Currently, payers stop paying social security grants when the employee's pay during the year is higher than the average value of 30 average salaries.
  • As a rule, the PPK funds were calculated to be paid for PLN 142 miles. PLN 950
  • After the change is made, the boundary has expired – all zloty will be settled.

How will these changes affect the size of pensions if they are introduced? We have to wait.


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