Pokemon TCG cards available in cereal boxes for a limited time

By Tyler Fischer

(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

The company Pokemon has announced that Pokemon TCG The cards will be included in selected cereal boxes until March 30.

More specifically, the selected Big G cereals will now include a package of three Pokemon TCG cards that highlight Pokémon that were originally discovered only in the Kanto region. Each pack contains two common cards and one of the four special sheet cards of Pikachu, Eevee, Charmander or Cubone. If you shop at Walmart, you also have the potential to copy an extra aluminum card for Bulbasaur.

Therefore, if you want something in the house Pokemon On the cards, look for specially marked boxes of Crunchy Toasted Cinnamon, Lucky Charms, Cocoa Puffs, Trix and the official Satan's cereal (Reese & # 39; s Peanbut Butter Puffs).

There are a total of 13 collectible cards in total, so you should not have to buy too many boxes of sweetened cereal to catch them all. Unless you have bad luck, of course.

The Pokémon Company does not reveal what other Pokémon are available other than this special promotion, but it is likely that some of the most recognizable gen-1 Pokémon. However, warns you not to drop your cards into the milk, unless, of course, pull a Mr. Mime and then throw the sucker directly to the toilet.

As you know, these types of cereal promotions used to be super common, but they do not appear that often anymore. In the past, no matter what cereal you were eating, you received a free meal. Pokemon card, a hot wheel, or something to seduce him to take a certain cereal out of a wall of dozens. However, none of the cereal promotions coincided with the McDonald & # 39; s Beanie Babies promotion.

Anyway, let us know in the comments below what you think. Are you attracted to this type of promotions? Have you ever collected Pokemon cards? I used to do it when I was younger, until I discovered. Yu-Gi-Oh!.

Of course, also feel free to hit me on Twitter. @Tyler_Fischer_ speak all things Pokemon and cereals. I know quite a bit about the first, but the latter is really more of my experience.

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