Pokemon Sword and Shield offers Nintendo Switch players a free gift for a limited time

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon shield They are giving Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite players a free gift, but only for a limited time. As they have done in the past, Game Freak and Nintendo have created a new set of items completely free to all players of both versions of the game. All players have to do is go through the redemption process painlessly, and for their troubles, they will get some free items that they can do whatever they want with.

To redeem the items, you will need to start by starting the console and running the game. From here, select the Mystery Gift option from the menu, and the rest should be self explanatory. With that said, make sure you are connected to the internet. Without an internet connection, you will not be able to redeem the free gift. In addition to this, you will also need the following code if you don’t already have it: ADVENTUREB9F.

For your problems, you will receive 12 Candy XL Exp and 12 Big Nuggets. However, this offer is only available until April 3. After this date, it will expire and there is no telling when the next free gift will be.

For those who don’t know: The Big Nuggets have no other purpose in the game than to sell themselves at a high price. Meanwhile, the Exp. Candy XL grants +30,000 XP to any Pokémon you hit.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon shield are available via Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch, and will soon be available via Nintendo Switch Pro as well.

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