Pokémon Sword and Shield is reusing models or not?


It has been a roller coaster for Pokémon Sword and Shield over the past few months, as many new details have been revealed amid accusations that Pokémon models were taken from previous games.

In an interview with Famitsu, through Polygon, Game Freak says that the models for Pokémon that appear in Sword and Shield were created from scratch.

Play Freak to reuse textures of Pokemon Let's Go and, Sun and Moon. A Reddit user stated: "The textures are the same. [Game Freak] is using an effect called fresnel rim lighting, which illuminates the outer area of ​​an object, which is very transparent in all Pokémon. "


Sword of Pokémon and Shield expanding the previous models?

The evidence is quite damning, it is difficult to look at the comparisons and come to the conclusion that the models are really new. Anyway, we can not rule out Freak's claim completely.

Just because the models resemble those seen in the Gen 7 and Gen 6 games does not mean they are the same. It is possible that they were built from scratch and that some of the Pokémon have ended up looking similar, something that could have happened easily. It is also possible to find the truth among these previous models that were used as templates.

T / Mystic song

Are animations reused in Pokémon Sword and Shield?

However, the most cynical Pokémon fans will believe. Another comparison suggests that Pokemon Sword and Shield have also reused the animations, which only adds credibility to the copy claim.

An instructor in the same thread asked: "Yes or no [are] This is a question that sums up the frustrations of Pokémon fans. Another coach tried to answer the question by saying, "This is really the problem, who cares if everything is remade from scratch if it looks the same? That's just a futile effort and a terrible excuse to exclude things."

Regardless of whether the models are reused or not, many potential players of Pokémon Sword and Shield are not happy at this time. There is a feeling among the Pokémon community that the development behind the game has been deficient.

Even so, the enthusiasm for Pokémon Sword and Shield remains and we will not know that the criticism is justified until the game is released on November 15.

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