Pokemon Go presents the three legendary creatures of Lake Diamond and Pearl

They can also be captured in nature.

Niantic has added some more legendary Pokémon to Pokémon GoBut they have not been relegated to raids or research events. For the first time in the history of the title, players will be able to see Diamond Pokémon duck pearlLake creatures in the nature. You can only find Pokémon in a specific region.

Hmm. We have been listening to unidentified Pokémon reports. ? If Professor Willow investigates these reports, let us know if you discover something out of the ordinary #PokemonGO. pic.twitter.com/S08Fnq5u0Q

– Pokémon GO (@PokemonGoApp) April 30, 2019

Available in America, Mesprit in Europe and Uxie in Asia. Each spirit has an incredibly rare reproduction rate and will only spawn near a lake or a large body of water. Reddit users have created a map tool to help you identify possible locations in your area where these Pokémon may appear, which should be useful if you live indoors.

While I pay attention to the details that Niantic took in recreating the reproduction location of this trio in the game, I can not help but wonder if following the path of special investigation would have been better. Many people can quickly find a lake and, since the reproduction rate is so low, they may never see these creatures. At the same time, it's great that the legendary Pokémon are not taken hostage behind the raids, which have no functional value in the smaller cities.

Leaving aside all the complaints, I hope that some more legendary creations follow in their footsteps and walk a bit through the wild world. I really want to have the opportunity to catch a Mewtwo.

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Pokémon Go Surprise fans by launching legendary Pokemon in the nature for the first time [Eurogamer]

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