Pokemon Go Makes Big Changes to Raid Bosses


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Pokemon Go simply made an enormous change to its raids.

On Saturday, Pokemon Go made a sudden and unannounced rotation of all of its raid bosses, including almost twenty new Pokemon for gamers to beat in raids.

Almost all the outdated raid bosses have been cycled out of the rotation, though a couple of excessive stage raid bosses have been spared, at the very least in the intervening time. The new raids bosses virtually all come from the “Gen 1” set of Pokemon, though the just lately added Sableye was made a Level 2 Raid Boss.

New raid bosses have been a lot wanted in Pokemon Go, though the timing and new raid boss decisions are a bit curious. Some gamers are speculating that a few of these Pokemon may very well be cycled out of egg swimming pools and customary spawn areas when Pokemon Go provides extra Pokemon later this yr, so raids may very well be one of many solely methods to get these Pokemon (and the candies that include them.)

Keep scrolling all the way down to see the brand new raid bosses, their key stats, and a few preliminary methods the best way to beat them.

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Level 1

charmeleon raid boss

Bayleef, Quilava, Croconaw, and Magikarp have all been cycled out, though gamers ought to be usually pleased with their replacements. Replacing the Johto starters are Ivysaur, Charmeleon, and Wartortle, whereas Magikarp was changed with the equally pathetic Pokemon Metapod. 

None of those new Pokemon ought to pose a lot a problem and might simply be crushed by a single coach with decently excessive CP Pokemon.

Ivysaur: CP: 5238

Charmeleon: CP: 5085

Wartortle: CP: 4503

Metapod: CP: 1534

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Level 2


All of the Level 2 raid bosses have been additionally cycled out and changed with equal Pokemon. While there weren’t any notably helpful Pokemon within the unique pool of Level 2 raid bosses, a number of of the brand new raid bosses are a bit extra versatile. 

Both Cloyster and Magneton shall be fairly robust raid bosses for low stage gamers, though each are nonetheless soloable. Cloyster has nice defensive stats, whereas Magneton has resistances to simply about each kind of badault apart from Fire and Ground-Type badaults. 

Here’s the total record of Level 2 Raid Bosses:

Sandslash: CP: 12312

Marowak: CP: 9891

Cloyster: CP: 15678

Tentacruel: CP: 12190

Magneton: CP: 14172

Sableye: CP: 8266

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Level three

sycther raid boss

Alakazam, Gengar, and Machamp have been all spared throughout the nice Raid Boss shakeup, however Arcanine and the three Eeveelutions have been all cycled out and changed with new Pokemon.

None of the brand new Level three raid bosses are notably robust, particularly in comparison with the primary set of raid bosses. Ninetales is an enormous step down from Arcanine, and neither Scyther or Porygon shall be notably difficult. 

The solely fascinating new Level three raid boss is Omastar, which gamers have used as a secondary attacker in raids towards Fire-Type Legendary Pokemon.

All of those new raid bosses ought to be soloable, which is each excellent news and unhealthy information for gamers. While decrease stage gamers shall be blissful that they’ll attempt their hand at Level three raids on their very own, many increased ranges appreciated the problem of beating the Level three raids on their very own. 

Here’s the total record of recent Level three raid bosses:

Ninetales: CP: 14914

Scyther: CP: 17358

Omastar: CP: 18915

Porygon: CP: 11419



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Level four

golem raid boss

Tyranitar, Lapras, and Snorlax have been all spared throughout the shakeup, however Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Rhydon, and Blissey have been all reduce and changed. 

The excellent news is that Golem is now a raid boss, which ought to make a variety of gamers blissful. Golem is likely one of the most helpful Pokemon in Pokemon Go, so a variety of gamers will in all probability be thrilled to have “easy” entry to it. You’ll need to use a Pokemon with Solar Beam to shortly off Golem, and you may probably want at the very least one or two different trainers. 

The different new Level four raid bosses aren’t all that nice. Nidoking, Nidoqueen, and Victreebel aren’t notably difficult or helpful in gyms. At least, Poliwrath may very well be a bit difficult as a result of its excessive variance in strikes, because it has entry to each Water-Type strikes and Fighting-Type badaults.

Here’s the total record of recent Level four raid bosses:

Nidoking: CP: 24873

Nidoqueen: CP: 23216

Victreebel: CP: 23780

Golem: CP: 30572

Poliwrath: CP: 24272

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