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PM Update: Cold again tonight. Freezing rain that can cause headaches during the trip on Monday night.

** Winter weather warning from 3 to 9 pm on Monday **

BWI (1 °) and Dulles (-1 °) broke their record low temperatures today that could be the coldest morning of 2018. Many other places also fell below zero or in single digits in what the National Meteorological Service described as the "coldest morning for our region since February 2015." We have a cool and calm climate to spend tonight before a mixture of rainfall generates some headaches on the trip on Monday night.

Ice conditions are likely for the afternoon trip on Monday

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Through tonight: Clouds will generally increase overnight. Otherwise, it's another cold afternoon, though not as cold as in the past. The low temperatures will range between 13 and 18 degrees, and the highest readings will be limited to urban places. Staying dry with dew points to zero or in a single digit. The winds will be light from the south at 5 mph.

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Tomorrow (Monday): A complex forecast is emerging for the last part of El dia. Mostly cloudy and dry during the first part of the day, with a slight south wind that tries to force the smoothest air on the surface. In most places, afternoon temperatures will reach a peak between 31 and 35 degrees. Light precipitation (in the form of rain or sleet) will begin to emerge from west to east sometime after 3 p.m. There is a possibility that some freezing rain may occur at dusk, especially north and west of the city. Even in places where precipitation is maintained as rain or sleet, there is a high probability that it will freeze at the contact given by the cold pavement. The icy spots are possible for the afternoon trip. All precipitation must end at 10 p.m. and we are left with mostly cloudy skies and low temperatures ranging from 27 to 32 degrees.

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