PlayStation 5’s latest spot debut online (watch)

Sony Interactive Entertainment released its latest location for the PlayStation 5 on Monday, leading the launch of a second new console in its global marketing campaign.

The advertisement, dubbed “The Age”, depicts a young man in a fishing boat riding through the sea as he is transported to a more mythical version of the world, which is used in a variety of boats and Attaches to air vessels. Galvanized, he charges his boat through a water barrier, followed by his new fleet.

This is a location that could be mistaken for the film’s trailer – until the end, where PlayStation’s new global tagline, “No Limits to Play”, surfaces, other than the PlayStation logo. This is the same approach taken with the first place that debuted last month, showing a young woman on an adventure through a variety of environments, and one that is based on the brand rather than the IP or new features of PlayStation Focused, according to Global Eric Lempel, head of marketing. He says, “Some of the emotions you get from PlayStation 5 are to remove”

“It’s really just a brand and exciting and thrilling to our fans.” Variety. “We want to excite and thrill you. We want to show them a path to the mysterious unknown… what you are seeing is them coming ashore and then going beyond that. And actually, this is what we are trying to indicate here. It is not about the facilities. This is a brand spot. ”

However, he notes that “you’re going to see a lot of games, start playing very early in these campaigns” as the next-gen console is ready for launch (a price and release date for the PlayStation 5 beyond the holidays ) 2020 has not yet been announced).

Fortunately, unlike in the first place, “The Age” was shot by the most presentations from the coronovirus epidemic and before corporate offices were closed. But Lempel acknowledged that in terms of their marketing strategy, epidemiological restrictions have, “been challenging on almost every front”.

Since COVID-19 has forced production shutdowns in film, TV and commercial shoots, it has become difficult to become something like “The Edge”. The first location, in fact, was forced after the epidemic-wide lockdown, and the actor performed some scenes from his apartment while CG was added around him. But it also takes a hit on some of the most valuable real estate in gaming marketing campaigns: live, hands-on activation.

“Generally, when we go to market with a new console – and we don’t do that often, it can happen once every six or seven years – we like to give people the opportunity to touch it , To see it with your own eyes. To play with it, “Lempel says. “I like where we’re going with our advertising and I like what we’re telling, but you won’t really get the full experience until you touch it. It’s an incredible challenge, so we’ve Some communication has been given to try to provoke emotion in a really loud way that you would get from using a console, and that was our first place. ”

Newest spot that debuted Variety In particular, can be seen above.

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