PlayStation 5 pre-orders may arrive late, Amazon warns

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Royally with retailers Throwing a gun On PlayStation 5 pre-orders, consider yourself lucky if you managed to make a snag once before selling everywhere. Until you found yours on Amazon. In which case, you can still be spoiled.

An email Amazon sent to several pre-order customers on Friday warned that their console might not arrive until its release date (November 12 in the US). many The customers Shared the message on social media, and stated that delivery could be delayed “due to high demand.”

The message continues, “We will do everything possible to get you the item as soon as possible.”

Amazon’s email states that customers can track the status of their order on their website and, if so, cancel the uncapped item, although there is nothing about the alternate delivery date for delayed orders. Is not mentioned. It is unclear whether Amazon sent this email to everyone who pre-ordered the PS5 or only to those in certain regions. We’ve reached out to Amazon for additional information, and will update this article with their feedback.

Sony has Previously denied rumors It may face stock shortages next month. Earlier this week, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan reported Washington Post While the coronovirus epidemic initially caused distribution issues, when it first hit, Sony had “more PlayStation 5 units, which were ready for sale in 2013 than the PlayStation 4 units” when it released. is. 2 million PS4s worldwide in the first two weeks after launch.

Amazon’s warning does not inspire much faith in that pledge, however. Granted, it may be that Amazon excludes this email as a precaution. As Polygon suggests, the e-commerce giant has a history of spoiling high-profile gaming releases, as we saw Nintendo Switch launched in 2017 And release Animal Crossing: New Horizons earlier this year.

Unfortunately, it is clearly not the only retailer breaking the bad news for those with PS5 pre-orders this week. according to this Tom’s guide, Hong Kong-based retailer Play-Asia on Friday sent an email blast to buyers, encouraging them to “cancel their pre-orders due to limitations of production and allocation from the distribution network for the console.” It warned that PS5 stock is “incredibly rare in all regions,” confirming fears about a possible shortfall only in November.


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