PlayStation 5 overtakes new trailer of exclusive Godfall console

Microsoft announced the price and launch date of its Xbox Series X and S last week. While this made a lot of Xbox fans happy, all eyes were on Sony as fans were waiting for an announcement about PlayStation 5. Thankfully, he got his wish because the PlayStation Showcase was announced on 16 SeptemberTh. Now, in a bid to crack anticipation, Sony revealed a new trailer for one of its timed exclusions.

Godfall made its debut appearance at the PlayStation Showcase event. The robber-slasher RPG looked stunning and wore to fans. It bore a similar resemblance to the God of War due to its combat mechanics, but brought much to the table. Watch the trailer below.

Read game description Stems on the victim of ruin. You are one of the Valerian knights, capable of equipping warriors such as the Devas with valorates, legendary armor sets that turn the wipers into invincible masters of melee combat. As tears flow through the enemies you climb the elemental locations and challenge the mad lord, the macros that await you at the top. Climbing in Godfall, a first-of-its-kind, mugger-slasher, melee action-RPG. “

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Godfall combat trailer for playstation 5

Sony released a new combat trailer for Godfall a few hours ago. It showcased the game’s character movement in combat, a variety of enemies, and co-op modes. Check it out below.

The trailer also highlighted the ability of players to take advantage of the enemy’s vulnerabilities, which would be beneficial in combat. It also features PvE online co-op mode where players can tag with up to 3 friends.

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The announcement came at an interesting time when all the hype is now from Sony. Xbox did its trick last week and now it’s Sony’s turn to do so. This new trailer of Godfall showcases the PS5’s next-gen graphics capabilities. Additionally, it gave an additional incentive for potential PS5 buyers as it is a time special for PlayStation. This only helped Sony’s cause in the fight against Microsoft in ‘console war’. The game was also announced for PC and more details will be revealed at the PlayStation event on 16 September.

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