PlayStation 5 may start at $ 399 in 9th general win for Sony

PS5 prices can start at $ 399 for the digital-only option, and $ 499 for the disc-based system, new store catalog signs.

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Spain’s largest department store retailer El Corte Ingles reportedly Add two mysterious consoles to your internal database: Aurea for $ 399, and Enigma for $ 499. These are the possible codenames for the PlayStation 5 pair. If accurate, it would put the disc-less PlayStation 5 at $ 399, effectively sealing the 9th generation for Sony.

PlayStation 5 may start at $ 399

These names align with previous codenames used for Sony PlayStation hardware:

  • Orbis – PS4
  • Neo – PS4 Pro
  • Morpheus – PSVR
  • Arc – PS Move

If accurate, Sony will take a hit on every console sold, which is to be expected. Console-makers are more comfortable selling hardware at a disadvantage because attractive billion-dollar storefronts like the PlayStation Network will compensate for these costs. Estimates put the PS5’s total manufacturing costs at about $ 450, not including shipping or retail costs.

The base disc PlayStation 5 is at $ 499 Long ago we made some predictions And makes sense for both Sony and consumers. Pop in a $ 100 premium disc, will reflect the freedom to buy used games and watch DVDs and 4K UHD Blu-ray.

The $ 399 digital-only option would be a tremendous win for Sony on two fronts: gamers would exclusively lock onto their digital ecosystem and only buy games directly from the PS Store, and Sony would enjoy greater volume of console sales due to lower prices will get. MSRP.

PlayStation 5 might start at $ 399 in massive 9th win for Sony 344

Sony is already enjoying massive success with digital earnings, especially in Q1’20 where it was the highest record earnings of any game company in the history of gaming. Sony made $ 3.6 billion from digital software in Q1’20 From a record 91 million game sales (74% of which were digital).

Playstation 5 is Both hardware and software are expected to grow in revenue, Sony says, and the PS5 digital-only version is a big reason for this.

Sony has yet to announce the price of the PlayStation 5, but we should check during the official MSRP and availability New event this Wednesday, September 16 at 3 pm EST.

See below for cross-gene spec comparison:

PlayStation 5 may start at $ 399 in 9th general win for Sony 5