Players Cut: Week 7 (2020 Fantasy Football)

It is hard to believe that we already have six weeks of the NFL season in the books and we are headed to Week 7. The good thing about Week 6 is that all the games scheduled for this week were played in Week 6, and there is no reshuffling of the NFL schedule on Week 7 for the horizon. This will make it a little easier for fantasy managers to plan the week, although things can change very quickly.

To cut players, some names are repeaters of players from previous weeks that are still redeemed in multiple leagues. I tried to come up with some new players, but my goal is not to make a splash with every article and just cut with random players. Let me try to think of giving you some new players, while thinking of reinforcing the previous players who continue to shrink but remain on a lot of rosters.

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Baker Mayfield (QB – CLE)

Mayfield is one of two quarterbacks I can’t see an argument for roasting, and it’s been that way for some time – I’ve been writing about these two quarterbacks for most of the season. Most underperforming quarterbacks, such as Phillip Rovers and Kirk Cousins, can give fantasy managers a good game. This makes them rostable as week replacement or injury insurance.

Mayfield has a ceiling of about 20 imaginary points, and his floor is incredibly low. Week 6 featured – he threw for just 119 yards, a passing touchdown and a pick. He gets a rematch with Cincinnati in Week 7, which he posted in his best fantasy number against Week 2. He is also playing through a rib injury, which creates uncertainty about his availability or his ability to mimic that performance. Mayfield is on pace for only 2,602 yards passing and 24 passing touchdowns. He just isn’t worth crying in fantasy football at the moment.

Daniel Jones (QB – NYG)

I am surprised that he is still rostered in 31% of the Yahoo League and 22.2% of the ESPN League. I wonder if those platforms have a percentage of leagues that have become ghost ships, because the owner of a prudent imagination shouldn’t roster Jones. This quarterback has three touchdown passes in six games, which gives him the momentum for eight touchdown passes this season. His 74 rushing yards gave him some fantasy value, but the reverse is due to his inability to throw touchdowns and 203.8 passing yards per game. Even with runaway success, I don’t see it as a viable streaming option. The Giants have the second-worst offense in the league, behind only the New York Jets.

NYJ and NYG Offensive Ranking

Team RuYD RuYPA RuTD PAYD PayPa PaTD Total marks Total yards
New York Baron 527 (30th) 4.0 (23rd) 3 (30th) 1,125 (30th) 5.6 (29th) 3 (32nd) 101 (31st) 1,652 (31st)
New york jets 632 (21st) 4.3 (15th) 2 (31st) 1,028 (32nd) 4.7 (32nd) 4 (30th) 75 (32nd) 1,660 30th

D’Ernest Johnson (RB-CLE)

Johnson saw that he could have some imagination value after Nick Chubb went down and Johnson carried 13 carries for 95 yards against Dallas. Johnson performed with four carries for 32 yards against the Indianapolis Colts and one yard against the Pittsburgh Steelers. He has only one goal, one reception, and four yards in those two matches. If Kareem Hunt is going to see all the action, Johnson is not worth roasting, leaving Johnson with just six-to-eight touches every game. I think Dallas was more of a fluke than a sign of good things to come into sports fantasy.

Frank Gore (RB – NYJ)

The positive is that Gore ran 11 times for 46 yards and caught four passes on four targets for 24 yards. Given 15 touches, running is generally a good thing. The problem is that Gore would need 40 touches per game to warrant flex position in offense as stable as the Jets. It also appears that Lamyckle Perrin is likely to become the primary ball carrier as the season progresses with Gore having a secondary role. They need to see what they have in Perrin, and I would expect Perrin and Ty Johnson to tackle the bulk of the Untouchables with Gore at six-to-eight per game. I don’t think 15 touches will become the norm for whites going forward. He is not worth crying because of his falling role in the worst scoring offense in the NFL.

Jordan Howard (RB – MIA)

For some reason, Howard is cashed in 26% of the Yahoo leagues and 24.2% of the ESPN leagues, even though he has been healthy for two straight weeks. He has more quick attempts (18) than rushing yards (14), and even though he has three quick touchdowns, he last scored in Week 3. You cannot roster a racer who is a healthy scratch for two straight weeks. He should not be roped into a fantasy league.

TI Hilton (WR – IND)

I’m going to give you three big names at wide receiver to think about. Hilton is rostered in 83% of Yahoo leagues and 80.1% of ESPN leagues. Marquez Valdes-Scantling roasted in 30% of the Yahoo League and 24.7% of the Yahoo League. Yet there is not much difference in the players in terms of fantasy production. Valdes-Scantling has 25 goals, 12 receptions, 210 yards receiving and one touchdown. Hilton has another game in 32 goals, 19 receptions, 231 yards, and a touchdown that is valeds-scantling.

Hilton holds on to this percentage strictly because of his name. If you look at the production, there is no difference between him and Curtis Samuel, Corey Davis or Anthony Miller. Yet Hilton has been roasted in multiple leagues at least twice. Did I mention that Hilton had five goals, one reception, and 11 yards in Week 6 against Cincinnati – a game the Colts fouled 21–0, forcing Phillip River to throw the ball 44 times? You can try to trade Hilton, if you are in a deep league, you can stop him on your bench, or you can ask yourself if he pays him in the roster at this point. He is not becoming like a player who is on the roster in 80% of fantasy leagues.

Julian Edelman (WR – NE)

Since a monster game that saw Edelman with 11 goals, eight receptions and 179 yards in Week 2, Edelman is very quiet. He has 18 goals, seven receptions and 64 yards in his final three games. He has failed to find the end zone and failed to reach 40 yards in those games. One thing that would give me pause about releasing them is that Cam Newton contracted COVID-19 and Edelman got to play with Brian Hoyer in Week 4, said an unexpected goodbye in Week 5, and Denver. Handed a rescheduled game in Week 6 against. . There has been a lot of chaos in New England, and he can sometimes eject a player from his game.

A second possibility is that Edelman turned 34, and the combination of his age and a new quarterback contributed to his decline. It is difficult to roster a receiver who struggles to gain 40 yards. You’ll eventually have to decide whether the depth of your league and the options on your waiver wire make it practical to leave Edelman. He does not look like a fantasy asset at the moment, and it is hard to believe that he is confident streaming with this low from his bottom. That the Seattle game looks like more than a realistic expectation for the games going forward.

Marvin Jones Jr. (WR – DET)

Jones has notched seven goals, three receptions, 17 yards and no touchdowns in his final two games. He has been a big loser since Kenny Golade returned, and it is difficult to stream the guy who is 10 yards away. He has a great matchup against the Atlanta Falcons next week, but I wouldn’t trust him at this point, and if you can’t trust a wide receiver against the Atlanta Falcons, there’s no point in roasting him .

Evan Ingram (TE – NYG)

I’m not sure I’m ready to cut flat, but I think it’s time to negotiate. The Giants rank 30th in receiving yards and 32nd in passing touchdowns, so no Giants have much to go around for passing goals. Engram has five goals, three receptions and 46 yards in the last three weeks. Had he not attempted twice for nine yards and two touchdowns in Week 5 against Dallas, he would have been completely shut out for three straight weeks. Engram has not gained 40 yards in touchdowns gained in the last four weeks. Fantasy managers need to decide if they can trade Engrams, bench them, or if it is just time to part ways. The Eagles have omitted the fifth-most imaginary points for tight ends, so maybe the fantasy owners of the week give Angram an ultimatum. If he cannot produce in this match, he may have time to cut after week 7.

Eric Ebron (TE – PIT)

The tight end is a weak position this year. Managers in deep leagues may need to stream Ebron as there are not many viable options on the waiver wire. My problem with Ebron is that Cleveland was considered a good matchup, Ebron played 75% of the snaps, and he responded with four goals, two receptions and nine yards. A major problem was Ben Roethlisberger throwing only 22 passes as the Steelers lost in the opening round and won 38-7. Ebron topped 50 yards receiving only once this year, and he has scored only one touchdown. In Week 3 both came back in the same game. He is a streaming option with a very low floor, and it is worth roasting when he is involved in games like Sunday.

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