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Players are fixing the problems of the Overwatch community using the Workshop

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Playing well with others has never been so easy, thanks to overwatch Workshop. The special tool, in which players can use scripts to create custom game modes, was launched on the Public Test Realm (PTR) on April 24. Within 24 hours, some talented overwatch The players have addressed some of the biggest problems that arise when trying to cooperate with other players in the game.

The "group" voice line is in a prominent place in the overwatch User interface, but no matter how many times players send spam, their team is still scattered all over the place. If a team is divided, it is easier for the enemy team to choose supports or DPS players that try to outflank. A Reddit user used the overwatch Workshop to finally solve this problem. Your solution? We manually glue everyone together like glue.

A subset of the problem of "grouping" is the problem of "climbing the payload". We are not pointing fingers, but in overwatchOften, DPS players seem to have an aversion to the cart. While the damage dealers cross the map to be a hero.

Over the years, Genji players in particular were reputed to be "allergic" to the payload. The user of Reddit Jub1337 has had enough of his nonsense. They created the "Payload training for Genji Mains" using the Workshop mode. When a Genji player stops touching the payload, it begins to take damage. This damage is cured only by returning to the payload. While it's Genji's job to flank and eliminate enemies, it's a good joke for DPS players who forget there's a payload.

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Another problem within the overwatch The community is toxicity. Many players are guilty of participating in some questionable behavior after making a great play. Maybe they throw a spray, or on the bodies of their fallen enemies, or worse. The act of "bagging tea," or repeatedly bending over the body of a eliminated player, is one of the things that leans most in all overwatch.

It is not surprising that the use of tea bags was one of the first things that someone who used the Workshop approached. In this special game, players should think twice before "crouching tactically". It could cost them their lives. This will be a recurring theme in future workshop creations.

Within a day of overwatch Launch of the workshop, dozens of new game modes have appeared on social networks. The players have used their creativity to think outside of overwatchIts limitations are the weapon games, the Mei navigation mode and even a terrifying mobile Bastion turret. Many additions, such as Genji's payload training, are simply a node for common memes and complaints. The new modes will become more complex and fun as users get the time to delve into the code.

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