Plasma therapy may be removed from the Kovid Treatment Guidelines Ministry of Health

Coronavirus: The world’s largest test on plasma therapy performed in 39 hospitals in India. (File)

new Delhi: Head of ICMR, India’s top medical research body, Dr. Balsam Bhargava, in a Health Ministry briefing today, said that concurrent plasma therapy can be removed from the National Guidelines on the Treatment of Coronovirus.

Director General of ICMR, Dr. Balaram said in response to a question on continued use of plasma therapy (CPT), “We have discussed the national workforce-level (use of plasma therapy).) Despite ICMR testing it does not reduce mortality or Slows down the progression of COVID-19.

“The world’s largest trial on plasma therapy was conducted in 39 hospitals in India with over 350 authors on 464 patients. This paper has been accepted for inclusion in the British Medical Journal and it will soon be on the role of plasma Will appear as a complete paper. COVID-19 on Medicine, “he said.

Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan said that there is no scope to “lower our guard” even though the coronovirus peak has passed in India and the Kovid may “be finished by around February”, said Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan That if caution is not taken, chased ”.

“All precautions should continue even when we have a vaccine”, Drs. Balaram said that the fight against COVID-19 will have to be prolonged, when India begins vaccinating its 1.3 billion-strong population.

Health Minister Harsh Vardhan recently said that India will have a coronavirus virus vaccine early next year, and there were many front-runners.

“We have come up with a draft priority program (for vaccination) … the number of doses tried to match the numbers under it will be available from January to July. If the current trials proceed according to plan, So number of numbers. It would be enough to immunize those on the priority list, “said Bhushan, the health secretary.

He said that it would not be mandatory to have a “digital health ID” to be incorporated in the day after PM Narendra Modi gave such an ID to all citizens.

“Our current National Digital Health Mission does not have digital IDs for everyone. Many types of IDs will be valid for vaccination,” he said.

Asked about efforts to involve Kovid in Bihar, where huge political rallies are being held in Bihar without social disturbances in violation of government regulations, Mr Bhushan said it was a “political matter”.

“We are sending central teams regularly. They will monitor the situation and ensure that the infection does not spread and (Kovid security) regulations are followed,” he said.

Mr. Bhushan shared data on the increase in the number of ICUs and ventilator beds since April. While ICU beds in India increased from 23,815 to 77,316, ventilator beds increased from 11,993 to 39,527.


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