Plaschke: Justin Turner’s selfish act left a stain at the Dodgers Championship moment

In the interest of public safety, millions of Americans diagnosed with COVID-19 have voluntarily separated themselves from friends and family for two long and lonely weeks.

Justin Turner will not quarantine for two hours.

In the interest of common sense, many other Americans have been intentionally absent for many deeply personal events, canceling weddings, postponing funerals, missing births.

Justin Turner will not miss a trophy celebration.

And so one of the greatest team achievements in the history of the Los Angeles Games is married by an eccentric act of selfishness, the divine scorched with despair, a beloved leader now bathed in disillusionment.

In his seven years as a Dodger, the red-bearded Turner has become everyone’s favorite hometown child. He is like a charming stuffed animal with real teeth. He is shaggy, tough, resilient, compassionate, donor, the player who gives an autographed ball to the respected veteran at night, the player who exposes his teammates to the epidemic’s warning of its epidemic.

Who would have thought that he could be so irresponsible?

Fact: Turner was eliminated from the Dodgers’ 3–1 World Series win over the Tampa Bay Rays in the eighth inning on Tuesday night, which was notified as a positive test for COVID-19.

Friction: About an hour after the final pitch, Turner ended his brief separation at the stadium’s doctor’s office by returning to the ground to embrace his teammates and their families by wearing a mask. Then he set foot on the grass and removed his mask for the team photo. He was soon joined in the fray as a Cancer Survivor by manager Dave Roberts, who was not even wearing a mask. Turner was then walking around the infield without a mask before posing for a photo with the commissioner trophy.

Turner was contacted by a member of Major League Baseball’s security detail, but refused to leave. He knew that he was exposing the virus to dozens of others, including wives and children and at least one pregnant woman, yet insisted on staying.

As someone who was suffering from the COVID-19 virus a few months ago, this columnist can confirm that transmission is a dangerous act, infection is a big deal, and anyone who would willingly risk it is a complete Blockhead.

So what should have been a victorious Los Angeles moment is a shame. What should have been a moment of regeneration has turned into a picture of decency. The third-base cornerstone of the Dodgers’ first championship in 32 years marked their last play.

If you are tracking the house, the Dodgers festival is called E-5.

The Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner posed for the team photo.

The Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner poses for the team photo after the team’s World Series Championship victory on Tuesday.

(Ronald Martinez / Getty Images)

“We are champions … We are not just the most responsible champions,” said Anne Rimoin, a lifelong Dodger fan who is a professor of epidemiology at UCLA Fielding School of Health and an expert on emerging infectious diseases.

Rimoin said she understands Turner’s desire to include her long-suffering colleagues in the party as if it were 1988. And who won’t? This is a player whose first baseball memory was at Kirk Gibson’s home in Lakewood with his grandfather. In 2014, he was signed by Ned Colletti with a scrap heap. He appreciates this title and deserves it equally.

But due to all the collateral damage he could have, no one was eligible to come back to him.

“Everyone wants to celebrate, it’s all very important, but except for the isolation to go back to the field, which shows you how much a human being struggles to do the right thing,” she said. “He really didn’t do the right thing here. At the end of the day, he disappointed his fans.”

Will MLB stop him? Certainly, he should have fled the stadium premises soon after the authorities tested him positive on the threat test. But once they let him stay, even in that separate room, he was not held back, and the league security tried.

“It is clear that Turner chose to disregard the agreed-upon joint protocol and the instructions given regarding the safety and security of others,” read a league statement on Wednesday in which Turner was thoroughly condemned. “When MLB Security raised the issue of being on the field with Turner, he refused to obey.”

Should the Dodgers have stopped him? Certainly, it would have been nice if with some authority Hardik’s soul could have quietly reassured him that she was not only endangering the Dodgers’ health but also damaging his reputation. But because Turner became a free agent on Wednesday, he essentially no longer worked for them, and, moreover, who was going to start a fight with such a strong leader?

“He’s part of the team,” said Mukki Bates, with anyone suggesting that Turner be convinced to return to the sidelines. “We’re not ruling him out with anything.”

Only Justin Turner could actually shut down Justin Turner.

“Who is so brave to go to him and say, ‘Hey I’m not okay with this?” “There is a power dynamic in play. Who would feel comfortable saying Justin Turner? ”

But what if Turner stopped himself? Now he would be special. Can you imagine how many people he would have touched if he had not touched anyone, chosen to isolate someone, take responsibility for modeling, set precedent, teach difficult lessons, rather than show the world could?

“He had the chance to do the right thing, to show people what it means to be restrained, a good shining example of what you should do.” “Of course you’re excited, this is the big moment of his career, but he can get a lot of great press to make a video, telling people how hard it was, but he was doing the right thing.”

But instead, it was an opportunity lost, an image possibly damaged, a legacy potentially tainted.

“Instead, he put a lot of people around him at risk,” Rimoin said. “And now he’s an example to a lot of people, ‘If Justin Turner can do this, why can’t I?’ And this is a real problem. ”

Turner did not speak to the media on Tuesday night, but tweeted a message to his fans, saying, “I feel great, no symptoms. Just experiencing every emotion you can possibly imagine.”

Here is an expectation of those feelings that one eventually regrets. And here it is hoped that his next message from quarantine expresses that feeling.

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