Plans for Trump’s Nevada airport rallies are up in the air this weekend.

Airport officials in northern Nevada have rejected President Trump’s plan to host a one-man rally in a hangar in the battleground state that was scheduled to take place on Saturday, the state’s 50-man mass congregation celebrations due to the Coronav epidemic Citing the cap.

“We have been advised that you have contracted to use your hangar for a rally of 5,000 people,” Tina Ifthiger, senior vice president of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority, wrote in a letter previously written by the Nevada Independent.

“For your lease you must follow all applicable state laws and directives. Such a rally is a violation of this directive,” Ephesiger wrote.

President Trump announced two rallies in the battlefield on Monday this weekend, which Joe Biden has repeatedly congratulated Mr. Trump for in recent polls. According to a Bloomberg report, the president had plans to attend a high-dollar fundraiser in Las Vegas.

The campaign’s communications director Tim Muerto said in a statement, “Democrats are trying to prevent voters from speaking out because they know their re-election campaigning cannot be campaigned by Josh Biden”.

Murtaw said President Trump still has plans to move to Nevada, with additional details “to be announced soon.”

In a post, former Nevada Attorney General Adam Lacatall announced the cancellation as “partisan political retaliation”.

“This is unprecedented – canceling a presidential campaign within 60 days of contesting a major election in a swing state. It’s not over!” Lakmal, who served as co-chairman of the presidential campaign in Nevada Tweeted on wednesday.

Airport officials insisted that it “has nothing to do with politics.”

“We will hold our tenants to the same standard whether it was a Democratic or Republican rally or any other type of gathering. We are following the governor’s directive and Washoe County recommendation during an epidemic,” Reno president and CEO Daris Griffin. -Tahoi Airport Authority, said in a statement.

Officials in the southern part of the state in Clark County said they had not received a request for any similar event in Las Vegas, where Mr. Trump was to rally on Sunday.

Cirrus Aviation, which says the president was asked last week to host in a 25,000-square-foot hangar in southern Nevada, expressed disappointment at hearing that “the event cannot take place at the airport.”

“If the goal is to keep people safe and protect taxpayers, then it’s hard to think of a better place to host a president than an airport hangar. It’s a huge, clean, with great air circulation and security. Is a sheltered place, ”Greg Woods, President Charter Jet Company, said in a statement on Thursday.