Planned protests fear more violence in Trump’s last days

Trump supporters and right-wing extremist groups are planning demonstrations that experts warn could escalate into the kind of violence that was witnessed during last week’s deadly riots in the Capitol.

Two days in particular are considered coordinated and at high risk of potentially violent activity: Inauguration Day on January 17 and January 20.

According to law enforcement officials and experts monitoring online posts about upcoming events, Trump supporters are expected to gather in Washington, DC and state capitals nationwide on Sunday and then three days after the inauguration. A flyer attached to the Sunday gatherings asks participants to “come armed at their personal discretion”.

Similar to Wednesday’s mob attack on the US Capitol, demonstrations escalated by election disruption President TrumpDonald Trumphouse asks members to quit spreading lies on GOP leader riot, Antifa DC’s Attorney General says Trump Organization paid K bill incurred during the inauguration of the suspended 70K QAnon Twitter account in the wake of the Capitol riot. And its partners.

But neither is expected to raise the level of congestion during the day which caused a storm in the Capitol.

One reason, experts say, is because unlike the events of last week, the upcoming rallies are not being promoted by Trump or any of his high-profile allies.

“The demonstrations on 6th January involved a lot of political oligarchs. [them], “Alex Newhouse, Center for Terrorism at the Middlebury Institute, Digital Research Lead on Extremeism and Counterterrorism. “The risk of another massive protest is relatively low until the big conservatives start throwing their weight behind it again.”

Another reason experts expect low attendance is the recent rift by social media platforms.

In addition to Trump being banned, Twitter booted up influential right-wing figures such as “Stop the Steel” organizer Ali Alexander, pro-Trump lawyer Sidney Powell and former 8kun administrator Ron Watkins.

Facebook announced on Monday that it would refer to all content that would refer to “Stop the Steel”.

And Parler, an app popular for its lax content moderation, was functionally taken down over the weekend after being dropped by the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Amazon Web Services, as the violence of the previous week Due to the large post promoting.

The lack of clear leadership and cracks on the platform led to less organization translation for subsequent performances.

But the creation of past contradictions may be more dangerous in the Capitol than it was last week, Newhouse warned, because the groups that are insulting them include armed militias and white nationalists.

Although less logistic planning has been done in the open around this time, Jeard Holt, a research associate at the Digital Forensic Research Lab, said that performance is not necessarily “going to be dud.”

“Logistic planning elements are a very good indicator of attendance before events, but the lack of logistical interaction is not a sign that no event is going to be attended,” he said, adding that some participants are locally Are performing, therefore limiting the need to plan hotel stays and caravans.

Recent deplatforming by social media giants on right-wing fringe sites where extremist movements have prospered may have the side effect of grazing users.

“What happens when millions of people who believe in devolution and lie that there is a democratic system [been] There are people in these social media circles who have become completely corrupt, who already want to destroy the government and hurt people? “Said Holt.

She said calls for armed protests have been posted on November 17, dating back to November, while in the final week or so the message has shifted to appeal more widely to Trump supporters .

Posts related to upcoming demonstrations are appearing on platforms with limited content moderation, such as Telegram, Meave and various chat rooms, researchers told Hill.

Federal and local law enforcement have indicated they will be on high alert for the presidential election Joe BidenJoe BidenCapitol Police Confirms Investigations of Certain Officers’ Behavior During Riot GOP Lawmakers Tell Trump Trump Has Some Responsibility for Capital RiotInaugaration

The National Guard has been authorized to deploy 15,000 members, Bureau Chief General Daniel Hokson announced Monday.

Later that day, Trump declared an emergency in Washington, DC, and ordered federal aid to supplement Biden’s efforts to prepare for the inauguration. The move comes after DC Mayor Muril boserTrump’s main account of the deployment of the National Guard of the Capitol Police involved in the military staff’s Muriel Boserdirector disputes. Trump approves DC emergency declaration before inauguration. DC’s presence to National Security Guard at least 10,000 ahead of Bid opening inauguration (D) asked Trump to issue an emergency declaration on 20 January amid concerns about potential threats.

The FBI is also monitoring protests, ABC News quoted an internal agency bulletin on Monday.

“The FBI obtained information about an armed group willing to travel to Washington, DC on January 16,” the bulletin read. “He warns that if Congress attempts to remove POTUS through the 25th Amendment, there will be a huge uprising.”

An FBI spokesman did not confirm the contents of the bulletin, but said the agency is supporting state, local and federal law enforcement partners with maintaining public safety.

With growing concerns over the potential for greater violence, as well as continued concern over the proliferation of COVID-19, Bowser is discouraging Americans from traveling to the nation’s capital for the inauguration.

Bowser has also asked the Interior Department to cancel the public assembly permit and reject further permit applications for the same time period.

Special security operations in the vicinity of the inauguration are also starting from Wednesday. The decision was made “in view of the events of the previous week and the evolving security scenario” Chad WolfChad Wolftramp approves DC emergency declaration before Biden inauguration Acting DHS chief Chad Wolf stepped down as DHS secretary, saying security measures tied to the inauguration will begin Wednesday Said, he stepped in as acting Homeland Security Secretary just hours earlier.

Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala HarrisKamala Harrison the Money: A wave of companies cut donations, most of it GOP | Wall Street braces for strict rules under new democratic majority | Why Biden’s diversity efforts have declined Biden publicly receives second dose of coronavirus vaccine Still ready to be sworn in on the west front of the US Capitol.

An official of the presidential inauguration committee said that the committee “has confidence in our security colleagues, who have spent months planning and preparing for the inauguration, and we Biden, Vice President-Elect Kamala to ensure their utmost safety and security” Working with “Harris and other inaugural contestants.

“He is not afraid to take the oath outside,” Biden told reporters on Monday.

Despite that belief, the possibility of more extremist-driven violence remains, experts warned.

“A lot of these groups see January 6 as their obvious reason,” Holt said.


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