Planet Nibiru 2017: Claims media is hiding data


Doomsayers have lengthy thought that a large mystical alien world referred to as Nibiru – or Planet X – is hurtling by means of house and can seem in our skies at any second.

The planet will wipe out most of mankind, believers warn.

And now conspiracy theorists bizarrely declare mainstream newspapers have agreed with numerous governments to not disclose to the world they know a legendary planetary system is making its manner in direction of Earth.

They consider each newspaper editor throughout the globe has agreed to not break the story resulting from fears of the panic it might trigger.

Fears of a looming apocalypse reached new heights this 12 months as Christian prophets and conspiracy theorists proclaimed the top is nigh.


APOCALYPSE: Doom planet Nibiru will supposedly herald the top of days

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Mythical planet Nibiru is on the centre of those fears.

It was presupposed to hit us final month, however the date was revised based mostly on apocalyptic pbadages within the Bible that declare it is going to be seen earlier than Christmas.

Many individuals declare to have seen the so-called “intruder planet”, with novice pictures and movies showing on-line.


COLLISION COURSE: Bloggers concern an enormous planet is hurtling in direction of Earth RIGHT NOW

Nibiru to hit earth THIS SATURDAY: may this be the top of days?


Nibiru the legendary planet – also referred to as Planet X – is alleged to strike as soon as and for all this coming Saturday, with doomsayers claiming the large planet will wipe out humanity by both smashing into Earth or making a catastrophic near-miss.

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Prophecy of the blood moonGetty Images

Claims that Nibiru will smash into Earth are to occur on the 21st of this month

“We can all see from the skies, that the skies are changing”

Conspiracy theorist

One of the main pushers of the “Nibiru media blackout” principle is UK-based conspiracy theorist Matt Rogers, who runs the YouTube channel Sky Watcher Matt Rogers.

He releases day by day movies, with claims he has proof of Nibiru within the sky, wherein he lambasts the media for protecting quiet.

Mr Rogers mentioned: “We can all see from the skies, that the skies are altering, that there’s a drawback, however nonetheless the media says nothing, as a result of the governments and the shadow authorities don’t desire them to.

“In this video, I’ll present how the powers that be management the media, as a result of they do it every single day.

“They inform us every part is ok, however you may see the chemtrails up there.


PLANET X: Conspiracy theorists badume the planet Nibiru is heading for Earth


PLANET X: Nibiru is forecast to convey worldwide destruction in its wake

“They have been getting away with the propaganda for a lot of, a few years.

“We take heed to these TV stations, we learn the newspapers, we take heed to the radio, and we take a look at the web, however they’re all managed by the powers that be – the shadow authorities.

“They play us all the time as puppeteers – we need and demand the truth we want true news.”

The individuals who predicted the APOCALYPSE


Many individuals have prophesied the top of the world. So far, none of them have been proper. Could we be ignoring somebody who can can genuinely forsee the approaching apocalypse?

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1997 Mar 26: HeavenÕs Gate Cult. Cult members committed suicide believing they' be escaping the end of the world Youtube

1997 Mar 26: HeavenÕs Gate Cult. Cult members dedicated suicide believing they’ be escaping the top of the world

Despite these claims, mainstream media retailers have reported on theories since August when it was believed Nibiru was about to go Earth.

Space boffins at NASA continued to disclaim the existence of the alien planet till just lately.

Speaking final month, the house company mentioned the mysterious “super-Earth” – which is 10 occasions the burden of our planet – could also be so highly effective it’s pulling the opposite planets out of orbit and even tilting your complete Solar System to at least one facet.

A number one determine within the so-called Nibiru Cataclysm motion believes that Planet X’s gravitational pull will bad up 740mph tsunamis and earthquakes registering 9.eight on the richter scale right here on Earth.

Researcher David Meade beforehand mentioned that solely 50% of the world’s inhabitants might be left after the catastrophe.

Daily Star Online beforehand launched the conspiracy that claimed Pope Francis was surpbading data on the lethal planet.

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