Plan Your 2022 Disney World Vacation Now

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It has been a year since Disney closed its theme parks due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was no small thing, as recently as 2016, Disney parks accounted for 40% of its annual revenue, so the company was understandably eager to reopen as soon as possible, especially considering that the closures came shortly after the 2019 bi-coastal openings of its new Star Wars main attraction, Edge of the galaxy, which was projected to attract thousands of additional attendees to parks in California and Florida.

In June 2020 Disney reopened two of its four Florida-based theme parks to tens of thousands of visitors, with the latest opening of two parks not much later. At a time when Florida was watching registration numbers Of the COVID-19 cases, guests were still willing to risk it all for a piece of Disney magic. And now with increasing vaccine distribution and park capacity restrictions are lowered, park tickets are once again selling. Even if you’re not ready to brave the crowds yet, it’s time to start planning ahead if a trip is on your post-COVID bucket list – now is the time to book your Disney 2022 trip, before the inevitable boom of trips.

Plan a visit further afield for a better chance of a dream vacation

Before I can do anything in Disney World Site, a warning appears at the top of the page: “Certain parks, hotels, restaurants, and other offerings may be changed or unavailable, have limited capacity, and be subject to limited availability or closure, and admission and offerings to the park are not guaranteed. “In February 2021, Disney World operated only 35% capacity. Some resorts, dining options, and park attractions are not yet open to mitigate crowds and promote a safer park experience; not exactly what you’re looking for after taking the whole family to Florida and spending hundreds on tickets and hotels.

So, wait a minute: Disney CEO Bob Chapek thinks herd immunity will. greatly reduce the need for masks and social distancing in the parks by 2022. Chapek’s sentiment does not mean that park operations will return to pre-pandemic “normalcy” by then, but some of the perks and comforts he remembers from previous visits may return, from certain options greater availability of the resort.

Use the site booking calendar to see the availability of the park for the date of your trip. While there are still some open spaces this coming summer, you can currently make reservations through January 2023, and if things haven’t improved by then, the least of our worries will be finding a preferred room at the Grand Floridian.

Know before you go

Before making concrete plans, explore Disney’s “Know before you go”, Which provides detailed information on parks COVID-19 policies and offers tools to help you plan a safe trip. The “My Disney experience”It has built-in features to personalize your Disney trip, including up-to-date information on the regulations and procedures you’ll need to follow as a guest. Download this tool while making your plans to be fully informed about what your trip could look like, even months later.

Take advantage of all of Disney’s planning features. The “Disney plan”It has a ton of information on activities, special attractions, events and more, and can connect you with a“ planDisney panelist ”to answer any questions that come up along the way.

Make ticket reservations

To regulate the number of parks and ensure social distancing, all ticket buyers must also have pre-existing reservations. The website states, “Given the limited availability of park reservations, it is recommended that you make your theme park reservations immediately after purchasing your ticket.” Once you have purchased a ticket, use the Disney Park Pass reservation system to secure your place. Again, given the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, it is unclear when these restrictions can be further loosened, so it’s best to go in with your eyes open.

Disney offers a range of ticket options. You can purchase single-day tickets, multi-day tickets, and park tickets, along with a wide variety of packages that include special meals and services. But even if you have a park hopper ticket, you will need to make a reservation for the park you are going to visit, which means that planning your trip will need a certain level of attention to detail. Disney’s reservation restrictions state: “The ability to visit a park is subject to park capacity limitations. A park reservation is not required after the first park at this time, however reservation requirements are subject to change. “Make sure you have a backup plan for your second or third park in case your first choice is full. .

Choose an available resort

If you are looking forward to staying at one of the many Disney World resorts, please note that currently, only select resorts are available to reserve. (It seems my dream of waking up to a luxurious sight of giraffes grazing in Animal Kingdom is on hold for now.) You can wait and see when your favorite room will be available again, but you will risk losing out amid the looming travel boom.

Disney has offered reservation flexibility until April 30, waiving all cancellation and change fees. If this offer is extended, you may be able to change your reservation to the room of your choice as the resorts continue to open.


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