Plainfield High School students released a strong dating guide filled with articles about safe dating, breakups, and first kisses. But a page is waking up a controversy that could cost the teacher of the year 2017 its work.
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A Plainfield police officer has been placed on administrative leave after she commented on "white male" privilege "during training on transgender sensitivity.

According to a complaint filed with the Plainfield Police Department, Captain Carri Weber told a colleague that" you would not understand with your white male privilege. " reported Fox59. [19659016] Weber's comments came out last month uring a training session on transgender citizens and their interactions with law enforcement, according to a video or posted on YouTube.

In the video, an unidentified male officer questioned the validity of the statistics cited by the trainers when Weber responded that he would not understand by "white male privilege".

The male officer can be heard on video saying he is offended and asks the boss to do something. Then he hears it announcing that he leaves the training session and plans to file a complaint and place it on the boss's desk.

The spokeswoman for the Plainfield Police Department, Captain Jill Lees, confirmed that Weber has been administratively suspended. Lees referred IndyStar to city managers for comments. They still had not responded on Wednesday morning.

Weber could not be reached immediately for comment.

Weber, Fox59 reported, had been previously suspended two weeks without payment in August for violating the department's policy of allegedly driving a car within eight hours of drinking alcohol.

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