Pizza in space clearly means fine, but it looks pretty nasty –

Pizza in space clearly means fine, but it looks pretty nasty


  Pizza in space!
Pizza in space!

Image: screengrab / youtube via nasa johnson

  2016% 2f09% 2f16% 2f56% 2fhttpsd2mhye01h4nj2n.cloudfront.netmediazgkymde2lzax.6d630 By Nicole Gallucci [19659006] 2017-12-03 19:04:16 UTC [19659006] Exploring space sounds great, but experience comes with many sacrifices. Of course, time outside the family must be hard, but one of the most painful losses is having to leave delicious pizza on Earth.

Paolo Nespoli an Italian astronaut who is currently orbiting our planet aboard the International Space Station. , lost pizza so much he bravely brought his boss during a public event broadcast live.

The result? Pizza in space

According to a tweet from Nespoli, his boss gave him the necessary ingredients to build some of the pizza pies in the world. The crew member of Fellow Expedition 53, astronaut Randy Bresnik posted a one minute video about the badembly process.

We all know that terrestrial pizza, in all its warm, sweet and oily goodness, is great. But space pizza? Well, just check it yourself.

In preparation for the movie night, the astronauts gathered to make salsa, climb and (easily) throw their cakes in zero gravity. And although the pizza might not have met the standards of the Earth, Nespoli said they were "unexpectedly delicious."

Regardless of taste, there is no doubt that making pizza is definitely more entertaining after you leave. planet.

Enjoy up there, boys!

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