Pizza Hut launches a new Detroit-style pizza

The chain is launching a new Detroit-style pizza, a traditional round-shaped trench for a rectangular crust for cheese with edges popular in Michigan City. This is Pizza Hut’s second major product launch that shows some signs of slowing the epidemic-era pizza wars this month.
Pizza Hut's new Detroit-style pizza rolled out on Tuesday.
Pizza Hut said it tested more than 500 iterations of the new menu item, many of them in the Midwest in trials that took place on Tuesday before its nationwide launch. The series used their special “well-ripped tomato sauce” as it was found to keep the thick crust light and airy.

The new offering comes in four options, including “Detroit Double Pepperoni”, which Pizza Hut describes as a “work of pizza art” because it includes 80 pepperoni slices. Other options are “double cheese”, “meaty deluxe” and “supremo”, with Italian sausage, red onion and green bell peppers. Prices start at $ 10.99.

Competition between large chains has been fierce during the epidemic, which has increased demand for pizza from Americans who are spending more time at home and avoiding dine-in restaurants. Pizza Hut increased sales and revenue last year, Of dominoes ()DMPZF) And Papa Johns ()PZZA) As consumers constantly shovel the pizza down their throats.

Peter Saleh, a restaurant analyst with research firm BTIG, expects last year’s sales to continue this year as well. “What we saw in 2020 was that there was a big jump in sales for many of these pizza deliveries because there was no other place in the CNN business.” Many US states limit in-restaurant dining and implement capacity control due to viruses.

Saleh predicts that pizza sales will be healthy in 2021 as “the environment is challenged for food.”


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