Pixel Artist imagines modern Pokemon with Game Boy graphics

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The image: Pat Ackerman

Illustrator and pixel artist Pat Ackerman Spent last year restoring entire Pokédex Pokémon sword And Shield Sprite as old school.

Starting when The beginning of the eighth generation was revealed, Ackerman slowly but surely found every pocket monstrous in the most recent games of the series. And as of this week, he has an incredibly impressive portfolio of fully pixelated Pokemon to show.

Perhaps even more impressive is the dedication of Ackerman, who is dedicated to making his art closer to the first generation. Pokémon Game as possiblePokemon yellow Specially.

“When making these, I use a 56 x 56 size canvas, which was the original size of the sprites Pokémon Red / Blue / Green / Yellow, “Ackerman explained Kotku. “I also stick to the palette Yellow. I really focus on the Pokémon’s pose, because it really defined who they were before the 3D model. I try to make them dynamic and show something unique about Pokémon. “

Ackerman’s other pixel projects are past Pokémon Generations and Monster hunter, Beautifully capturing the constraints of the Game Boy hardware. His work can also be found in PC role-playing games Monster crown.

We’ve included some of Ackerman’s favorites Pokémon sword And Shield Sprite is at the top of this story, but be sure to get more information about his work Twitter And instagram.


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