Pixel 5 is still not out, and Samsung has already defeated it

Today, Google officially announced the highly leaked Pixel 5. This is a lovely device with a very cool green colorway option, and as an undocumented Google hardware fan, I am struggling against the urge to buy it. Honestly, only one thing is stopping me: the Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition, launched early next month, is exactly the same price at $ 699. And on paper, it is a much better value.

Now, yes, Pixel 5 will, without a doubt, take better pictures than the S20 FE. But in my experience with FE – I’ve been using it for about a week – it’s no slouch. It has also received a telephoto lens, which Google has opted not to include in the Pixel 5. Also, pound for pound, Samsung’s upper-mid-range contender is the only and only phone.

Filmed on S20 FE.

Both devices are 5G-capable, but the S20FE has received Qualcomm’s largest Snapdragon 865 where the Pixel 5 is packing a lesser Snapdragon 765G. Both phones also feature a high-refresh rate 1080p display, but Samsung’s much larger, not to mention faster, at 120Hz (Pixel’s 90). They get both wireless charging, reverse wireless charging, IP68 water resistance – list. And as much as I like Google’s cowardice this year, Samsung has also been beaten there.


To Google’s credit, the Galaxy S20FE’s six gigabytes of RAM rubbed me the wrong way in 2020 – the Pixel 5 brought it to that front with eight gigs and squared off. But I have not felt it to be a limitation in practice, because I dislike it in theory, and I think Samsung has pushed the price-to-specs ratio here specifically in some way to mass market devices. Is most taken advantage of for the rough. Ask your mother how much RAM is there in her phone.

Pound for pound, the S20 FE is just more phone.

Of course, I have not used Pixel 5. I’d probably like it; Small phones are my jam. And there is a dedicated cadre of fans, including myself, who love Google for all of its unique Googitation: playful industrial design, polished software, and environmentally distinctive features. Although the company has always found it difficult to compete with more established OEMs in the high-end smartphone space, consumers have come to its more affordable options. In a year when so many people are facing financial uncertainty and the most premium phone you can buy for $ 2,000, a well-crafted upper-mid-range device for $ 699 feels like a home run. .

But in the S20 FE, Samsung had the same idea – and it did it in a way that more people were likely to pay. The S20 FE doesn’t feel like a budget offering, it feels like a flagship with fat trimmed to the bone. People will certainly continue to buy the (utterly excellent) Pixel 4A, but with the Pixel 5, it seems that Google has got a tough fight on its hands – again.

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