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Pixel 3 knows when you are kissing.

The Photobooth mode in the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL camera app makes it easy for people, couples and even groups to take selfies. It is found in the Pixel Camera application in the "More" category, once you tap Photobooth and click on the shutter, it will not open until the camera is set and everyone has a nice expression with their eyes open. And in the latest version of the application (found in Google Play Store), photobooth added some expressions that will activate the shutter automatically.
As Google explains, he worked with photographers to create five expressions that will automatically trigger the shutter and capture an image. The five are "smiles, tongue, kisses / duck face, puffy cheeks and surprise". Auto Learn is used to mark a frame and the shutter is activated when the combination of the weighted expression score and the kiss score exceeds a certain level. A bar at the top of the screen (remember, these are selfies) grows when the quality of the photo increases and the selfie is ready to be taken automatically. The length of the bar is small when there are no visible faces. It expands when there are faces, but do not pay attention to the camera, and when the faces pay attention but do not make key expressions. The bar reaches its maximum length when the faces pay attention with key expressions. That point, the shutter automatically adjusts and the selfie is captured.

"We are enthusiastic about the possibilities of automatic camera photography." As computer vision continues to improve, in the future we can generally rely on smart cameras to select a great moment to capture, Photobooth is an example of how we can create Useful corner of this space: selfies and group selfies of smiles, funny faces and kisses, and offers a fun and useful experience. " – Google

Note that Photobooth is only available for Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. Previous Pixel models do not have the double selfies that are found in the most recent models. That's important because Photobooth is designed to work with the wide-angle front camera.

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