Pixar’s ‘soul’ Tina Fey’s character was well received by the audience

He found the option a little soulless.

Disney Pixar’s latest film, “Soul”, has received a raging response, with viewers describing the role of Tina Fey as “racially insensitive”. The criticism comes amid flashes of praise for the Disney + release’s portrayal of music, animation and Kali culture.

The groundbreaking animated film, which features the studio’s first African American hero, follows middle school jazz teacher Joe Gardner (played by Jamie Foxx), whose untimely death goes on a posthumous pilgrimage to reclaim his lost soul. Inspires for.

Along the way, Joe helps a sense of disillusionment named 22 (played by Fay) rediscover his reason for living – and in the process gives him a greater sense of what it means to be alive.

Needless to say that Fay’s casting came to the fore on Twitter, which felt that the role should have been played by a black actor or actress.

“Yes the soul in casting Tina Fey 22 did not do it for me, 22 should be voiced by a black guy instead,” Made fun of a social media watchdog.

Another wrote, “I think they should have got Regina King or Tiffany Haddish to voice Tina Fey’s character instead.”

Some viewers were particularly divided on the longer section of the film, where the body of Commander Gardner of Fay’s voice was called “La Cradle Friday”.

“The studio’s first black hero needed the soul of a middle-aged white woman to get his life on track,” A critic of the cinematic white savior-ism. “Thank you for being aware of the racist image.” Wheww … “

Joe Gardner, voiced by Jamie Foxx.
Voiced by Joe Gardner, Jamie Foxx
Disney pixar

Caught another, “The inclusion of Tina Fey for body-swap bits and mainly Black comedians doesn’t feel like someone said ‘we don’t want to alienate our white audience …” and I want to be more I am very disappointed. .

“Soul” is not the only project to be accused of improper casting of the late race. “Wonder Woman 1984” star Gail Gadot was told about her portrayal of Cleopatra, with critics stating that an Arab or African actress should play the role of the iconic Egyptian leader rather than a 35-year-old Israeli actress.

Gadot was in a hurry to shut down the detectives. “First of all, if you want to be true to the facts, Cleopatra was Macedonian,” she told BBC Arabic. “We were looking for a Macedonian actress who could fit Cleopatra. She was not there. And I was very passionate about Cleopatra. “


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