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After taking high school band teacher and aspiring jazz musician Joe Gardner (Jamie Foxx) On an adventure through an existential crisis and through The Great Beyond and The Great Before, Pixar’s Wild World inner heart Gives her a reasonably happy ending. However, as co-director and co-writer Pete doctor And Camp powers Leading to disclosure in promotional tour inner heart, There were many alternate endings that were too grieving. Also, there were some ideas that further the story of some other characters.

Learn about some of Pixar inner heart Optional end down, but be careful Major spoilers.

In pixar inner heart, He waited his entire life after landing like a jazz gig, which Gardner accidentally killed him, taking him to the waiting line of The Great Beyond. But instead of going where he is about to go, he ends up in The Great Before, the ethereal plane, where souls get their personalities. Mistaken for a patron who helps new spirits, who are tasked to help a soul named 22 (Tina Fey) Discover his spark so that he can begin life on Earth, which he sees as his only way to return to his life on Earth. The only problem is that Jahnum is on his stay at 22 The Great Before and has gone through countless masters before that.

After working in a hurry, Joe and 22 are brought to Earth without completing their work, who find themselves in the body of a therapy cat named Mr. Mittens and 22 inside Joe’s body, giving us a classic Returns the body swap scenario. As they experience life in this way, 22 realizes that life on Earth is much better than he initially thought, and Joe realizes that what is really important in life is only his purpose. What is there is to enjoy it instead of paying attention to it. When the time comes to return to The Great Before to rectify his disregard of the rules, Joe is given a chance to return to Earth, but he completes it so the 22 can finally live their lives on Earth.

Finally, Joe is still given the opportunity to return to Earth by The Jerry, the overseer of The Great Before. One of Jerry asks how Joe will spend the rest of his life, and Joe simply says, “I’m not sure.” But I know that I am going to live every minute of it. However we never see what it means, who steps out of the front door of his apartment building and takes a deep breath of fresh air.

This is a touching conclusion, but we almost saw one that was a bit daunting and tragic, as there were many alternate endings in which Joey would have died rather than come back to Earth. Speaking to Collider, Kemp Powers reported that it had several iterations inner heart With death that wraps up the story. Missed the powers:

“In the end we did many versions of Joe, who died and died in all kinds of different ways. Some of them were more emotional. Some of them were fun. We did many different endings. “

On USA Today, Pete Docker stated that Joe was learning the same lesson at these endings, but his sacrifice of not returning to Earth was not a reversal in the end. Director said:

“We felt that he had learned enough to appreciate the things he didn’t value to begin with. And that’s why we felt like, ‘Oh, this can work.’ It felt great that he was giving up the chance to give up his chance instead of going back to 22 and handing it to 22. But as it turns out, the first thing he was learning about this film was that, “Hey, wait a minute. My hairdresser has a whole life I knew nothing about. I didn’t know I could be honest and honest with my mother.” Was robbing him for not giving permission. “

If Joe was not allowed to return to Earth, he would certainly have learned the lessons he had learned bittersweet. Joe was never given a chance to improve his small view of life and truly enjoyed it with new eyes. This was undoubtedly the right decision, and it made for a much more uplifting conclusion. The ambiguous nature of the ending is even more satisfying than seeing where Joe chose to take his life forward. Powers explained the thought process behind that decision:

“We know that viewers often want to explain what happened to the character. They want to know that the character made the ‘right’ decision. But in Joe’s case, we didn’t want to put a choice on him. We wanted to say that whatever he is doing, whether he is going back to teaching, playing in a band, or something hybrid of the two, he just considers life better. “

Much of Jo’s story is still open, when it comes to what he wants to do with his future, a soul called 22 is given the same treatment. Although we know that 22 goes to live life on earth, we have no idea what kind of game it is. But Powers said there were some other endings where we saw what happened to him. The filmmaker explained in detail:

“There was one where Joe was touring with Dorothia and teaching the students privately, and 22 was a new student and recognized that it belonged to him.”

So why did they not follow up on it in any way? Every time he came up with an epilogue, he changed his mind. Powers reported that he “was not inherently satisfied about it.” Considering Joe ended up being a lot more satisfying without a definite choice for the next phase of his life, I think it was a smart decision to do the same with 22.

The medical cat Mr. Mittens almost had a subsequent sequence of credits, revealing where he ended up. But in the end, Powers and Doktor decided that the audience should not see where any of the characters actually ended up.

Instead, inner heart Where we end up was instead left about the small moments that make up our lives, and is ultimately what resonates the film so well.

Pixar’s inner heart Now available on Disney +.

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