Pixar Film heads the second weekend with $ 28 million – variety


"Coco" Disney-Pixar is ready to win the first weekend of December with an estimated $ 28 million in its second weekend in 3,987 localities, a little less than double the third frame of the " League of Justice "at $ 16 million. [19659002] The third weekend of Lionsgate's "Wonder" is on track to be in third place, behind the last DC release of Warner Bros., with $ 13 million. "Thor: Ragnarok" from Disney-Marvel is doing well on its fifth weekend, earning $ 9 million to take fourth place, and the fourth weekend of the holiday movie "Daddy & # 39; s Home 2" approaches $ 7 million, making it fifth. 19659002] Major studios are relying on business left over this weekend and the next before the December 15 release of "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" by Disney-Lucasfilm.

Three possible contenders for the awards season had their platform launch when Amazon opened Woody Allen's "Wonder Wheel" in five locations; The "Artist of the disaster" of A24, starred and directed by James Franco, was launched in 19 sites; and Fox Searchlight's fantasy Guillermo del Toro "The shape of water" opened in two places. "Three Billboards out of Ebbing, Missouri" by Fox Searchlight expanded to 1,430 locations from 614 in its fourth weekend, and climbed from tenth to seventh place with $ 4.5 million.


" Coco" published the fourth best Thanksgiving holiday that opens, behind three other Disney titles: "Frozen" with $ 93 million in 2013, "Moana" with $ 82 million in 2017 and "Toy Story 3" with $ 80 million in 2010. The film tells the story of Miguel, a boy who accidentally is transported to the land of the dead, and sets out to find a legendary musician, who also It's your great-great-grandfather. The concept of the film comes from the Mexican holiday Dia de Muertos. While the studio has not published a budget for the film, Pixar films are usually budgeted between $ 175 and $ 200 million.

The "Justice League" will increase to about $ 195 million nationally after its second weekend. The film unites Wonder Woman, Batman, Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg in the same way as Disney-Marvel superheroes and is already the 11th highest-grossing title released in 2017. It has been the lowest performance among the DC Extended Universe. "Wonder Woman" grossed $ 233.8 million in its first two weeks in June and "Suicide Squad" earned $ 241.5 million in its first two weeks in August 2016.

The Lionsgate family drama "Wonder" has continued to show traction impressive with this weekend the estimates lead to an accumulated of $ 89 million. The film, starring Jacob Tremblay as a fifth grader with a facial deformity, has a modest $ 20 million budget.

"Thor: Ragnarok" will reach $ 290 million nationally after its fifth weekend and is the sixth highest gross national of 2017. The movie has exceeded 800 million dollars worldwide and helped Disney to overcome the world record of 5,000 million dollars. Of the 17 films in the Marvel film universe, "Ragnarok" is the seventh in reaching this milestone and the third in doing so this year.

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